Monday, July 25, 2011

What a Wonderful Weekend!

My new BFF, Shannon

A weekend all about moi????


A great group of friends came all the way from TEXAS to hang with me this weekend.

Yep, pretty sure they were here for me, and me only.

Never mind all the surfing and shopping and dining and celebrities they talked about.

Never mind all the time mom spent away from home with them.

Pretty sure I was pretty much all the celebrity they needed this weekend.  The party always ended at my house, doggers.

Yep, all the celebrity anybody can handle right here at our house. 

Bo Obama ain't got nothing on me.

Seriously, has Shannon ever gone to DC to visit him???  She came all the way from Texas to hang with moi.  Yep, got a new BFF, and an amazing one at that. 

Call me lucky puppers, call me lucky!

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