Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Synchronization is NOT a Westie attribute

As synchronized as me and my team get.

Synchronize: to happen at the same time. 

Listen, puppers.  Have any of you been watching the synchronized diving?  Really. It's amazing the way they can get ALL FOUR of their paws lined up together while spinning through the air .. front paws hitting the water at the same time ... tails going in at the end with no splash.  Absolutely pawmazing, if you ask me.  I mean, really, only a dachsund has the body length to bend and twist like that.  I just don't have the twist in my mid-section.  Perhaps a Great Dane has the height for it?  Not sure I understand the Chinese dominance in this one though.  Anybody out there seen a Chinese Crested with that level of grace and sophistication?  Call me crazy, but I just can't get that one visualized.

And the teamwork.  Wowza.  As demonstrated above, my mom and I just don't have it in us.  We can't even get ourselves in sync to VIEW the diving, much less actually EXECUTE a move.  Height issues and all.  Plus one of us is just too darn lazy to practice.  I will leave it up to you to decide which one of us that is, but BIG HINT: one of us writes this blog every day (MOI!) and the other of us just sits around lounging all day.  Not to find fault with my teammate and all because that would not be very Olympian of me, but I'm just sayin' ....

Four paws up for the synchronized divers.  Four paws up!

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Monday, July 30, 2012

An Olympic Weekend

I am guessing we all did pretty much the same thing this weekend ... watch a bunch of athletes in small outfits thinking we really gotta start getting some more pawsercise.

Frankly, I am grateful to the Olympics for finally making it OK to watch TV all day.  As you are very well aware, I party like a Rock Star at camp on Fridays and disregarding the fact that I am only two I have been waiting FOUR YEARS for a GUILT FREE weekend in front of the TV. It's just what I need to be ready to hit the grass running come Monday morning.

A few thoughts on this weekend's happenings in London:

Loved the James Bond video with the Queen.  No offense to you Corgi's but I really think it needs to be Westies in the Palace.

Also regarding the opening ceremonies -- High marks for using all that grass in the beginning.  I am sure that was a shout out to us puppers.  Setting looked like a big dog park to me and I thought it was a lovely effect.

Those beach volleyball babes are HOT -- my mom looks absolutely NOTHING like that in her bikini. But I digress ....

Michael Phelps needs to quit DOG PADDLING and start SWIMMING.

Regarding my aspiration to be an Olympic diver -- WOW that platform is high.  Could be physically impossible for a Westie to launch from such heights and do anything other than a belly flop.  I don't know about you, but MY belly is made for rubbing, not flopping. 

Stay tuned for more commentary because you all know that I am going to have lots to say about all of this and we've got two weeks to go .... 

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Friday, July 27, 2012

A very sad day, indeed.

Robert Willard Amherst Bush ("BOB")
Bob Bush (a/k/a Bobbie or Bob Barker), of Dallas, Texas, died Thursday, July 26, 2012 at Highland Park Animal Clinic. Born in Houston, Texas on November 12, 1997, Bob was the runt of the litter, who grew up to be the sweetest, most handsome West Highland Terrier in the State of Texas. Independent and feisty, Bob never met a stranger and loved to wander into a neighbor's home for a visit. He enjoyed long walks to the park, chasing squirrels (often resembling a hovercraft), attacking the sprinkler heads, hanging in the kitchen for a tasty scrap, and sitting in the easy chair for a good back scratch. He had no fear of any dog - of any size. Bob survived two near death experiences early in life when he consumed a jumbo container of chocolate M&Ms and when he got rolled by a Jeep Cherokee while playing chase with his friends around the neighborhood. His favorite foods were boiled chicken, Snausages, and bacon. Bob was a certified pedigree member of the American Kennel Club and born from the Champion Wiskybae line. He frequently vacationed at the family lease in Hico, Texas, at JD Kennels Camp David for Dogs in Royse City, Texas, and at Landmark Retrievers in Ennis, Texas where he loved playing with and barking at all the other dogs. Bob was well known at JD Kennels for his numerous girlfriends and for hanging with his best male friend, a snorting bulldog who followed him everywhere.
Bob is survived by his loving family, parents Nancy and Bud Bush, brothers Will and Sam Bush, nephews Jessie and Gauge Bush, niece Margaret Ann Bittles Bush, and many other friends and family members including Bailey Jones, Theo Bush, Darby O'Toole, Duke and Charlie McManus, Lila and Otis Goff, and Lester Culpepper. In lieu of flowers, please make a toast and say a little prayer for Bob. Thanks.
"I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me they are the role model for being alive."
-Gilda Radner- Comedienne

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Her cheating heart ... and a familiar face!

Well look at THAT cute face.

Allow me to introduce Darby, the attention stealer.

Yep.  Mom went out of town with a bunch of ladies and all she brought me back was this picture of Darby and a whole lot of "Darby this and Darby that."

I will say though that through this blog I have met lots of you Dales. 

And since you pretty much ROCK THE HOUSE I am going to give mom a pass on giving so much affection to Darby.

If I weren't a "Westie Guy", I might go for Darby.

She's a cutie, yes???
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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hiding place discovered ...

You know, yesterday being Monday and all, I was not real excited to start the day.

So while everybody else was getting up and at 'em, I hid.

Yep, covered myself right up.  It was only when I saw this picture that I realized my butt was sticking out.  Not my best look, but whatever.  There's worse looks than Westie bottoms.

Anywoof, imagine Mom's surprise when she grabbed the pillows while making the bed and found me under them.  Dang, we both almost did a puppy pee we were so surprised to see each other.  Now that I think about it, the sound mom made was kind of a bark.  If she does that again, I might have to get out that Pet Corrector Spray to keep her from barking inside.  Turn about is fair play and all ...

There goes THAT hiding place, puppers.

There goes a good one.

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Flashback Friday

Duncan has been dreaming of escaping since his early days ....

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer Fun ...

Oh, how I love playing around with photo editing software.

It is so easy to make multiples of myself.

More to love, if you will.

If you want to try it, check it out here.

I look good in color, yes?

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Me, stubborn????

Mom: Hey Duncan, get out from under the table.

Duncan:  Are you kidding?

Mom: Um, no.

Duncan:  It's hot out there.

Mom:  Yea.  I am getting pretty hot standing here waiting for you.

Duncan:  You don't have a fur coat on.

Mom:  You keep saying that.

Duncan:  Well it's true.

Mom:  I still want you to get out from under that table.

Duncan:  Why?

Mom:  Because it is hot out here and I want to go home.

Duncan:  I know it's hot out there.  That is why I am under the table.

Mom:  Get out from under the table Duncan.

Duncan:  No.

Mom:  Get out from under the table or I am going to pull you out from under there.

Duncan:  We are in public. You won't do that with people watching.  Animal Cruelty.

Mom:  You're grounded.

Duncan: Yea, I am pretty grounded to this cool spot under the table.


Duncan: NO. CAN. DO.

Mom:  I am going to tell your dad what a stubborn little cuss you are being.

Duncan:  Won't believe you.  He is my favorite and he knows it.

Mom: Want a treat?

Duncan:  Race you to the car!!!!

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Olympic hopes dashed??

Don't you just hate it when that happens?

I had a plan, puppers.

I was going to start training for the Olympics.

Finally, my chance for fame and fortune.

Surely if I started training today I could take the gold in dog-paddle, yes?


No dogs are allowed in our neighborhood pool Olympic Training Center.

Training plan falleth aparteth.

Go figure, puppers.

Anybody got a pool I can borrow???

I'll let you take a picture of me with my gold medal ....

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It's hot, hot, hot!

Clockwise from the top left ...

Picture 1 - Boy I sure am hot.
Picture 2 -  I have an idea ... I will cool off in this pool.
Picture 3  -  I don't think this sign says "No Swimming."
Picture 4 -  Fine then, I am out of here.

Clearly, my mom and dad did not bring their hairy white fur coats with them on this walk.  Otherwise, they would surely have realized how very much I really, REALLY needed to go for a swim.   I was absolutely parched, puppers, and hopping in seemed like the reasonable thing to do at the time.  You know ... head thump ... duh.

They didn't see it that way.

Led to some terrible sqawking.

Suffice it to say I took the "no swimming ... no posing" approach and there were no resulting "cute dog in front of lovely fountain" shots.

A little tit for a tat on my part, if you will.

Sorry, Mom.


Sign me,

Feeling a little sassy today. 

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Super Smart Westie wanted for Prestigious University

I am such a smarty pants so smart that the other day I actually got to go tour colleges like my nieces and nephew get to do.


Imagine it ... moi in a cap and gown.

Can't you just see me trying to get that tassle thingie off of the cap and into my mouth???

It was a glorious tour.

It is a beautiful campus and I checked out some super famous artwork: 

(NO, of course I did not pee on the art.  Don't even bother writing in about that one.  My mama taught me better than that.)

I was also acknowledged for the young leader we all know that I am:

All in all, it was a great experience.  Almost everybody liked me (sorry dude with the big dark dog) and I am pretty sure that they are going to be impressed with my application.  Imagine the WOW factor when they find out that I'm the White Dog Blogger!!!!

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Friday, July 6, 2012

Anybody else still partying??

Dad and I are still trying to figure out exactly what we did wrong.

Independence Day is a day for partying, yes??

So we can't figure out why mom was bummed that dad took tried to take me to the Pub. 

Boys night out didn't actually fly so well.

You should have seen the hissy fit.  She was asking questions like "You really think a dog belongs in a PUB???"   And dad and I were all like "Yea."

In hindsight, I think perhaps our cavalier attitude towards it all could maybe have been part of the problem. 

Dang I love it when dad and I team up.

Probably gonna end up in the dog house for this one, but at least dad will be there with me!!!

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July Everybody!!!

My mom says this holiday is made for me cuz I am such a little firecracker.

Get it????


Be safe and enjoy, puppers!

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Parting is such sweet sorrow ...

Me, taking Aunty K on a walk.
Dear Aunty Karen,

Thank you so much for coming to see me.  I hope you enjoyed your time being in my presence.  Most people do.

I am very sorry about the incident with the cute guy and his dog.  Next time, please pick a guy with a small, light colored dog instead of a big, dark dog and I will behave better.  I didn't think he was that cute anyhow, by the way.

I want to point out that I didn't pee or howl when you made the unfortunate choice of leaving me behind when you went to the store.   Hopefully that makes up some for the aforementioned unfortunate incident.

Oh, and please don't tell people that I spent most of the weekend in your lap.   They say that Westies are not lap dogs and I don't want to be the one responsible for ruining an entire breed's reputation. 

My mom is very sad that you are gone so I had to remind her that even if you won't miss her, you will miss me, and that will get you back.  I know you can't stay away from our beautiful weather, nice beaches, excellent shopping me for long. 

Please come back soon.  My people are already slacking off in my care and I might not last another 6 months without you.



Monday, July 2, 2012

Today on our walk ....

Oh, man.  Mom was SO BUMMED when she saw this picture.  We were out for a walk and she was in her "I could shoot for National Georgraphic" photographer mode thinking we were going to get some GREAT SHOTS for the blog. 

But the camera did not cooperate.  She screwed up on the lighting.

And I did not cooperate.  I was NOT in posing mode.  Not for nothing would I cooperate.  Just wasn't in the mood, puppers.

So let's all act like the photo is perfect and focus on why we really took the picture.  I am lounging. I know, big shocker.

Take another look ... THE PALM TREE IS LOUNGING!!!!

Listen, we live in the land of Palm Trees and they are usually way to proud to not stand up all high and mighty.   This one decided to be a free spirit and go all sideways.

Allow me to introduce my new best friend and shade provider, Mr. Sideways.

Lordy I love being a California dog!!

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