Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July

Image via Cafe Press Here

Happy 4th of July, woofers!!!!

I know you're shocked that there is not a picture up there of me in an Uncle Sam hat or something.  Actually, me too.  Maybe mom has decided to lay off the props?

Probably not.

We googled "Westie 4th of July" and ended up learning about lots of dog parades this weekend all over the country.  Maybe we'll host one next year. 

Probably not.

After getting really bummed about there not being a parade in our 'hood, we ended up on the Cafe Press website.  They have some really, really cool stuff that comes up if you just search for Westie.  Not that we wouldn't rather you got your stuff from The Puperie, but we'd understand if you need something we don't have.  And, no, Cafe Press does not need our help with advertising ... we got nothing for the mention, we just like their Westie stuff. 

Be safe and enjoy puppers!

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