Tuesday, April 12, 2016

First Dogtur then Dog Park!

So, the good thing about going to the dogtur is that it is usually followed by something fun.  This, of course, means They know I hate it, but They make me go anyhow. Something about how it is for my own good and when I have kids I will understand.  But I digressThis time, the post dogtur treat turned out to be the dog park. Woo hooo!!!!! 
Hey, wait a minute.  Do I look frail, elderly or timid to you,  puppers? 
What is up with having to go on this side?  Is this because the dogtur accidentally called me a senior?  She also said I could stand to lose a couple of pounds and that means I should be on the BIG DOG SIDE, people.  This is not right!!!

Do I look like a "frail" dog to you, puppers?
I think NOT.

Even the best of us have to rest after a rowdy round of ball chasing.
Lying in the shade is not symptomatic of "slowing down" AT ALL.
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Monday, April 11, 2016


Don't anybody panic when you see the title of this post.  I am fine.  But sometimes on Saturdays I have to go to the dogtur to get a little poof of something up my nose so they don't kick me out of puppy camp.  I think it's called Bordatella.  Sounds like an Italian cocktail, but let me tell you my friends, it is NOT.  Do. Not. Like. It. 

Dad likes to tell me it could be worse and they could be checking out "my other end" but I don't care what he says.  I walk in all happy to see new adoring fans and all of a sudden there is "That Moment" when I realized why I am there and I suddenly attempt to become the world's best escape artist. Which never works, puppers.  It never works.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Happy Birthday Aunty Karen!

Happy Birthday Aunty Karen!
Your California Fan Club wishes you a very happy day full of family, friends, puppy kisses, and TREATS. Lots and lots of TREATS!

And, just so you know, that hat looks a little bit like it was photoshopped on, but it is the REAL DEAL.  It was only when Mom said this photo shoot was for you that I began to cooperate at all with the goofy hat!  Only for you Aunty K, only for you!
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Monday, April 4, 2016


Sorry for not being in touch for a little while, Puppers, but ever since Easter I just have not been right.  I keep having pawlucinations that I am seeing the Easter Bunny everywhere I go. I saw him for real at an event and he was a little freaky looking, even though all the kids there seemed to like him.  It must have affected me -- I just have not felt the same about him ever since. 

I know I am pawlucinating, because (1) other than the blue eyes there is a shocking resemblance to Moi, and (2) everybody knows there is only ONE Easter Bunny. 

Dang it.  There is another one in this direction too.  I can't go anywhere anymore without seeing the dude!

Go away you big white beast and let my mind get some peace and quiet. 
You can quit stalking, haunting, taunting me now!!!!!