Saturday, June 30, 2012

Good Dog Design

Well, you know, we aren't really in the habit of showing mom's butt on this blog.

I mean, really, why show hers when mine is so much cuter???

We're making an exception this time because we wanted to show you our new bag.  We are fortunate to have a friend who has a friend who has a company that makes these very cool bags.

Allow us to introduce the Bag-A-Doo.  Normally, there would be a bag coming out of that grommet up there.  But I used it.  And then .... ta daaaa ... we put the bag in the bag.  No more walking around with a used poop bag in mom's hand.  No more awkward "Hi nice to see you please ignore the poop in my hand while we talk" moments. 

And, since my poops are so delicate in size (are we really talking about this??) my ball is actually in the bag too.  Oh, and mom's old lady glasses are in there too.  Turns out this one is the PERFECT size for us. 

While we were at it, we tested the "easy to clean part" too.  Yep, slobbered all over it and it cleaned right up!

We're gonna give this one a four paws up, puppers.

And thank you Allison for sending us a tester!

Editor's note ... get yours here

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Friday, June 29, 2012

It's a miracle!

Oh, my dawg, puppers.  I just about pee'd myself when I hopped up on this bench and realized what it said.  If ever a miracle was manufactured, it was moi.  I mean, really, think about that for just a second. 

It's true, yes??

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Why my dad loves her so ....

And this my friends, is why my dad likes it when Aunty K comes to visit ...

Mom likes to fancy herself a bit of a Martha Stewart type when company comes. 

Sometimes she fakes it and buys stuff from other people and puts it in her own dishes.

She really made these though.  It took alot of help from me to accomplish this ... see below:

As you can see, I have become quite proficient in my role as supervisor and kitchen consultant.

I can practically do it in my sleep, if you will.

I was a critcal component of "Operation Martha Stewart." 


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Monday, June 25, 2012

Why I love her so ...

Well look who showed up at my house last night!

Allow me to introduce my Aunty Karen.  I am so glad that she stopped by last night right when she got here.  I am not sure that she could have lasted much longer without seeing me being as fun to hang out with as I am and all.  I like to do what I can for my friends, you know, so I just hopped right up and rolled over and showed my belly so she could get her belly rubbing fix.  After that, I gave her my perfectly goopy half-eaten chewy for safe keeping.  It's a trick I use to make people feel super special. 

My mom loves it when Aunty K comes because she really gives my dad alot of grief.  She's got his number, as mom likes to say.  I, on the other hand, love her because she NEVER arrives empty handed.  She brings the best toys!!!!!

This time she brought me a super squeaky (see above comment about yanking my dad's chain) lime green BALL.  She brought me a new BALL, puppers, and it was all wrapped up in my second favorite thing .. TISSUE PAPER!!!!!

Thank you Aunty K ... you're truly the best!

PS:  Sorry for the wacky spacing in this post ... we just can't seem to get it right today!!!!

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BIG NEWS ... Aunty Karen is coming to town!!!

BIG NEWS ... my Aunty Karen is coming to town.  I can't even begin to tell you now excited I am.

In order to maximize the time we can spend with her, Mom and I spent alot of time in the office this weekend getting as much done in advance as possible. 

I was, of course, extraordinarily helpful and the sole reason she got as much accomplished as she did.  Just so you know, there is too such a thing as "filing by osmosis."  It might not look like it, but I was actually working VERY hard here.  Promise.

Here's wishing you all a most productive week, puppers!

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Not quite what I was expecting ....

Oh, man, puppers, I was TOTALLY PSYCHED.

My mama said I was gonna get to go to the beach.

I grabbed my shades.  I grabbed my towel and my flippers.

I was GOOD TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!

Imagine my surprise when the beach I ended up on was at the neighborhood park.


There were no waves, no natural incline for my ball to roll down in to the water, no water AT ALL, in fact. Um, NO MOM, the water fountain does NOT count as "water" in my book.

It was fun, puppers, but just not what I expected.

Took a little getting used to, puppers.

This one took a little getting used to!
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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Photography by Dad

So my mom fancies herself a photographer of sorts --- a blographer if you will. 

But every now and then Dad steals the camera.

And every now and then dad gets an amazing shot.

I happen to think this is one of those shots.

You might notice, however, that I am panting.  Well, you woulda been too.  My mom had hoisted me onto the top of a wall to take the picture.  She was also holding my ball hostage, and you know how much I love my ball.  That woman will do anything for a picture!!!!

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Monday, June 18, 2012

My dad being the GREATEST dad and all, we did a little bit of celebrating him this weekend.

At first, I was all confused.  I thought we got to celebrate ME since I am the reason he is a dad. 

Yep, imagine my surprise when I realized all the treats were for HIM and not for MOI.

But once I got over myself, I did the next best thing ... I ripped into helped him open his presents.

I think it is safe to say we both had alot of fun with the whole gift thing!!!

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pawsercise for Springtime ...

Heaven help us all.

Mom is at it again.

You know the old "Hello Springtime" thing?

Well that means getting ready for swimsuit season around here.

Which means mom starts talking about exercising again.

And we all suffer cutbacks on our kibble.

Which makes mom cranky.

Which makes us all cranky.

Suddenly we ALL need to drop a few.

(I think not, by the way .. I am very svelte, myself!)

The good thing is that I am old enough now to know it won't last.

We've been here before, puppers, and it just won't last.

Sign me,

Temporarily quite hungry!

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

When resting on the floor, it is always wise to steal your mom's blankie!

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Myth vs Reality

My mom and I read lots of blogs and they are not all about dogs, believe it or not.  We are also very into cooking and baking blogs although I don't know why we read these because Mom never really cooks much and also interior desigh blogs, with a little bit of celebrity gossip thrown in as well.

Sometimes, we find ourselves thinking ... oh, come on, does she never burn a muffin???  Does she never drip paint on the floor when doing these projects???  Seriously???

So, lest you think I really am the perfect dog that I play on this blog, allow me to introduce my alter ego, my dark side, if you will:

Nobody's perfect puppers.

Nobody's perfect!!

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Monday, June 11, 2012

The truth about Fridays at camp ...

You know the phrase "Party like somebody left the door open" ?

Well I am going to let you in on a little secret.

That is what camp is like for me.

I mean, puppers, we party until we can't take it anymore.

And then we come home and crash.

Only this weekend, my mom thought it was so cute that I was tired that she got her camera out.

I mean, every time, EVERY SINGLE TIME I thought I was gonna get some much needed rest, out she came with that darn camera.

Ugh, puppers.

I got no rest, I tell you.

I got no rest!

Friday, June 8, 2012


By Friday, I am usually exhausted ...
Listen up, puppers.  You need to go out and get yourself some rest this weekend.  Seriously.  It's been a long week and I think we could all use a little nap.

They don't say "let sleeping dogs lie" for nothing you know!

Happy Weekend, Puppers.  Happy Weekend!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Good Dog Design: A Pillow to Love

Get it here
Despite my mom not being totally focused on moi lately, I have not held it against her.

In fact, for Mother's Day I got her the most spectacular pillow ... it looks alot like the one up there but it has a closer resemblance to me on it, and the tag on the collar says DUNCAN, of course.

Yep, Mother's Day Gift Extraordinaire, if I do say so myself.

I had my dad help me write the note.  It went like this:

"Mom - Thank you for always thinking about me and for recognizing my many great qualities.  I thought this gift would help to remind you that there is always something you could be doing to make my life even better.  I just want to make your making of my life perfect as easy as possible.

Love & Licks,


Oh, yeah ... almost forgot .. Happy Mother's Day!"

Brilliant, yes???

Sometimes I totally impress myself.


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Monday, June 4, 2012

Friday, June 1, 2012

Been a little busy around here ...

Me at the drive thru because mom has been too busy to cook.  Not all together a bad thing.

Whoa, puppers. 

Sorry for the absence the past few days.

Did you miss me?

My mom assistant has been working on a couple of other projects lately and she has been misguided thinking that her project is more important than me reaching out to my fans.


Have no fear, I've had her take me on a long walk so we could discuss it, and she told me that she is done with her project I have convinced her that she needs to get her focus back on moi and moi's blog.

Stay tuned puppers, because next week we are back to blogging full time again!!!

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