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Monday, August 25, 2014

"Dog Overboard" or "We've got a swimmer!"

Allow me to share with you the pictoral version of what really happened:

It was a lovely Saturday, and my bags were packed for a little adventure ...
This is a Duffy Boat.  Our Westie Rescue Group had gathered to tour the harbor on five of these boats with a few dogs on each boat. 
I was on a boat with my new best bud Baxter.  He was super cool. 

Yep.  I am wet.  I swear I didn't realize it was that big of a deal.  One minute Baxter and I were talking about how good the water looked and the next minute I decided to go for a swim.  You should have heard all the screeching.  There were 5 boats of us out there on that water and EVERY SINGLE PERSON started yelling things like "We've got a swimmer!!!" and "Dog Overboard."  I could have sworn I also heard a couple of "Nice Stroke" and "Good Form" comments when I started swimming back to my mom who, just so you know because I know you are wondering,  was apoplectic and hanging off the side of the boat I am sure thinking to her self "I will kill that dog if I have to go in after him ...."  Not to worry, it turns out that despite very little practice (what was I thinking???) swimming comes quite naturally to me.  And dad?  He was thinking "That's My Boy!"

Another boat was traveling with their own lifeguard, Joey the surfer dude and the mascot for our rescue.
Fortunately, we ran across this guy right after my little adventure and he gave me some advice to keep my mom from killing me.

I was a little afraid my mom might stop this boat and have them arrest me for my antics, but I was laying low and smiling real cute at her so she didn't call them over ...
Hey ho, puppers.  Guess who everybody's gonna be talking about for a while after this little adventure.  I seem to have made quite a name for myself :)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Photo 101

Oh, for heaven's sakes,  Mom.  How many pictures have you taken for this blog?  Have you not learned ANYTHING?????  Photo 101: Make sure it does not look like your subject is blowing water out of his snout.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Pet Safety Week: There's and App for that!

Hello Puppers.  I can't believe the day has actually come!!!

Today is the day I get to share some of the pet safety apps my mom and I have found!!
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 Let me just say, there are LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of apps out there.  We didn't have enough money to try them all.  We're happy to share this information, but please know that we have not tested/researched them intensively.  For example, the first one we talk about we picked by the highly scientific method of it came up first in the google search :) 
First up, for $3.99 you can get the Pet Tech Pet Saver App (go here for more info.)  According to their website ... "The Pet Tech PetSaver App is the Premier Pet CPR, First Aid & Care App on the Planet!"  and "It’s like having “A PetSaver in your Pocket™.” With a push of a button and a swipe of your finger you will have instant access to your pet’s health and safety."   On this one, you pick from dogs or cats on the first screen and then get options to treat several different health issues.  We checked out the CPR tab and it walks you through pupper CPR step by step with pictures.  I don't know that mom could actually do it, but we certainly know more than we did before we downloaded the app. 
Second Up, for $.99 you can get the American Red Cross Pet First Aid App (go here for more info.) Their website says ... "Take care of your furry family member. The American Red Cross Pet First Aid app puts veterinary advice for everyday emergencies in the palm of your hand. Get the app and be prepared to act when called upon. With videos, interactive quizzes and simple step-by-step advice it’s never been easier to know Pet First Aid."  This app also walks you what to do for choking, CPR, etc., but does not show pictures. Our favorite feature?  You can click on "vet hospital locator" and it uses your current location to find nearby hospitals and urgent care centers. That right there is worth the $.99 to mom.
The ASPCA also has a mobile app (go here for more info.) It's free!  According to their website ... "The ASPCA mobile app is a must-have app for pet owners. This free app shows pet parents exactly what to do when a pet goes missing. It also allows pet owners to store vital medical records, and provides information on making life-saving decisions during natural disasters."  We checked it out very briefly and this one seems to be more for if your pupper has gone missing or if there is a big natural disaster in your area.
The last one we downloaded was Puptox dang can't remember if we paid for this one or not (go here for more info.)  According to their website ... " is a handy categorized listing of over 250 things that the internet says may be toxic to dogs and cats. You'll never have to worry if those flowers you are buying for your garden can hurt Fluffy or if the leftovers from dinner are safe for Rover. Is it toxic to your dog? Is it safe for your cat? PupTox may have the answer.  All information found in this site was compiled from internet knowledge sources (crowd sourced). Some of it may be correct, some of it may even be wrong (please correct me if I am). I am not a veterinarian! You should always contact a veterinarian in the event of a pet poisoning."  We like that we could have this with us at the plant store and also like that they admit they aren't vets and we should check it out further once we get home.  If you want more info, you can click on "web search" on the app and it will take you to a google search. Apparently, beer is really bad, puppers.  Who knew????
Don't just trust us, puppers.  Do a google search and check it out for yourself.  It's kind of shocking what all and how many apps are out there!!!!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Be careful what you wish for, part one

So my mom has had some hours change with her work and as soon as she started working less she and I sat down and had a big talk that went something like "Woo hoo, Duncan, I have more time to go on adventures with you now!"

That was (ahem, Mom!) ages ago.  But I can't complain because we did finally head out on an adventure the other day.  See photo below:

At first, I was VEEEERY excited, puppers.  In my hiking naivete, I hit the ground running.
Soon enough, we got to this point (see below!) and this is where the wind started to leave my sails, if you know what I mean.  And the phrase that started running through my head like a broken record was "Be careful what you wish for, be careful what you wish for, be careful what you wish for ... "
Of course, since I am a studly super dog, I certainly could not be the one to turn around first.  So on and on we went ...
Finally, I was panting and slobbering so hard Mom was so exhausted we gave up on our quest to reach the highest peak and headed home.  Why does it always seem like it takes so much longer to travel the same path in reverse???
I suppose this could possibly have been one of those times when I was not fooling mom and she knew it was really me who needed to turn around, but in MY mind, Mom was the weenie hiker and I could have reached the top, no problem.
Pee S:  Mom says we have learned from Murphy and Stanley on their Fitness Friday how to exercise safely and we had water with us and she was watching me the whole time so not to worry I was kind of exaggerating the whole panting and slobbering thing just the tiniest bit and was never in any danger or anything.

Pee Pee S:

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Friday, August 8, 2014

When cheating is acceptable

Mom did it again.  I was abandoned for the great state of Texas!

And she cheated on me while she was there:
I know, I know.  You're thinking that's me up there snuggling in my mom's lap.  But THAT'S NOT MOI!!!!

And that is not MOI, either!!!!!  She is walking on the beach WITH ANOTHER DOG!!!

The only saving grace for HER, is that this is my girl SOPHIE that she is cheating on me with.  And, well, you know, that is actually kind of OK.  Perfectly acceptable, if you will.  I can imagine that mom was missing me terribly, and look how happy she and Sophie are to see each other.
Allowable this time, puppers.  Allowable this one time.

PEE S:  Don't forget to check out everything going on for Safety Week next week!!!  Be sure to stop by back on Wednesday for ....

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Safety Week ...We're pawticipating

I know, I know.  Nobody is more shocked than I am that my mom actually got her act together and we are going to get to pawticipate in one of Blogville's finest events. 
Our day to post is the 13th, and look at what a fantastic line up we are in:
  • HGE Illness – Sidebite
  • Food Safety – Sasha
  • Stranger Danger – Angus
  • TreeRat Hunting Safety – Ruby
  • Water Safety – Fudge
  • There’s an App for That – Moi!
This is gonna be good, puppers.  This is GONNA BE GOOD!!
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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

For you, Ruby!

Hey Ruby!

I know you are really a margarita girl, but we were thinking of you when we were drinking straight tequila on Saturday night.  I mean, I was thinking of you while Mom and Dad were drinking tequila.  I am still underage so they won't let me have any.  Party poopers.  Dad drank a whole little bottle of this coffee flavored tequila, which, by the way, you should try after dinner sometime, and then Mom put flowers in it the next morning when she had a "Martha Moment."

Love you, guuuuurl!


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Monday, August 4, 2014

Dear Miss Molly ...

Dear Miss Molly,

Ever since you said you needed pinecones, I have been bugging my mom to take me to get you some because pine cones are my most favorite thing next to balls.  I have NEVER met a PINE CONE that I did not LOVE. 

So you when you said you needed pine cones, I said I've got this one!"

Yesterday, finally, mom got off her duff and we headed out to the regional park near us to gather you some.  I had my special pine cone gathering bucket at the ready by my side.

I was so excited to finally be heading out that I almost had an excitement pee, but then I remembered that I am not supposed to do that in the car UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, so I skipped that part.
Imagine our surprise when we got to the park and discovered that there are actually NO PINE TREES in our park.  Who does that, you Park Rangers?????  I mean, really.  No pine trees?  In a park????  That's just WRONG.
So, Miss Molly, it is with utter and complete mortification and dismay that I have to inform you, all was for naught in our pinecone hunting adventure. 
Do you think Ruby will still go out on a date with me when I come to Houston??



Sunday, August 3, 2014