Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pet Pillows: Finding the right one

You know how sometimes you just really, really need the right pillow to get exactly perfectly comfortable???

You know how Mom sometimes like to channel her "inner Martha?"

Well. We got on this pillow kick around here recently.  Yep.  We were gonna sew some dog themed pillows.  Mom got in her Mighty-Martha Mode and got out the sewing machine and everything.

There's a first time for everything, right???

But, smart dog that I am, I kind of was thinking I knew how this might turn out so I hopped onto the internet and did my own kind of pillow research.

Allow me to introduce some of my favorite pet themed pillows:
not pictured:  any of the ones mom tried to sew sewed 

Number one:  from Naked Decor and the obvious favorite, find it here

Number two: head over tail in love with the shapes of these, from Pillow Pillow Pillow and found here

Number three: from Restoration Hardware Baby and Child and found here

Number four: Crypton makes some stain, moisture and odor resistant (thus so very much to my liking) great looking dog theme pillows ... find them at www.cryptonfabric.comThe one shown is the "doodle dog" pillow.

Here's hoping today's blog made you perfectly comfortable, puppers!

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