Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It's sunglasses day!!!!

Hey Mom ... this is what you look like in your readers ...

Arghhh ...these are like clothes, get them off, get them off!

Hey ... where did my glasses go??

Ranger is hosting a blog hop.  Thanks for letting us join in the fun buddy!

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Wordless Wednesday

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Summertime: my love hate relationship with it

If I don't look at the camera nobody will know this is me, right?
So this weekend mom got all "It's the first weekend of summer, let's do something ..." on me and dad.  I was just planning on ignoring the enthusiasm like I usually do (she gets like this a lot), but dad gave me the "just humor her and get it over with" look so I obliged her.
And that, my friends,  is how I ended up sitting on a plastic fold out lounger wearing a girlie looking fake lei.
Let's hope that's all of that.
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Saturday, June 22, 2013

I love the water ...

Surfs up, puppers!
Today is WATER MANIA over at Sarge's blog.  Have you checked it out yet?  It is crazy wild fun to see all us puppers dipping and diving in the water.  I sent over a photo of me doing the weenie bob at the Westie Picnic this year. Pawesome!
I love the water when it has weenies in it.  I also love the water when it is the kind that has sand right below it.  I am pretty partial to my water bowl as well and once, after a play date with some pugs with a pool, I aspired to be an Olympic diver. (This aspiration was met with limited success, by the way, but that story is for a whole different post).
Thanks for including us, Sarge.  We love water mania!!!
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Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day is for sharing ... right??

Are you done with that bag, dad?
Father's Day wouldn't be Father's Day if he were not my father, so I think it is only right that there should be some benefit to moi of the occasion, yes?
My mom helped me pick out a fabulous gift for my dad and when we were getting it all ready she said something about wrapping it up in fancy paper with a bow and other such nonsense.
To which I replied, "Are you crazy woman?"
Wrapping something up in a box would deprive me of the pleasure of shredding a gift bag, my all time favorite activity.  Seriously, what was she thinking?

you can't buy shredding power like this ...
Fortunately, she came to her senses.  Plus, I am pretty sure my dad was in it for the present, not the wrapping.  Duh, mom.
Zero to totally shredded in under 6 seconds.
I may have broken my own record.
It was awesome!
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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day, Dad!

Happy Father's Day, Dad!
You're the best dad a pupper could ever hope for.
Thank you for playing ball with me for a zillion hours.
Thank you for going through our morning routine time after time.
(You really do do it better than mom, by the way.)
Thank you for letting me sometimes sleep on your head.
Thank you for making me the luckiest dog ever.
Love, D
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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Happy Birthday to my best girl!

I know, I know. 

Listen puppers, you don't have to tell me how cute she is. I already know.

Smoking. Hot. 

(And she loves me. Excellent taste in men. Look at her just waiting for me up there!)

Happy Birthday, Sophie. I hope you have a MOST excellent day!!!



I am obsessed!

Anybody besides moi obsessed with reality TV?  I am totally completely beside myself obsessed with The Voice.

Can. Not. Get. Enough.

I will even delay my regularly scheduled nightly walk to watch the people sing.   Perhaps because of the deficit in our house of people who can actually carry a tune (mom)?  Perhaps because of aforementioned (big word alert!) person constantly thinking she really can sing when she really REALLY can't, leaving me starving for good tunes?  

Someone goes home tonight. Sure hope it's not that little one from Texas named Danielle. She can sing plus she seems like she is a dog lover and all, which really is probably much more important than singing now that I think about it. 

And now I am off to come up with a reality show for us, puppers. Any ideas??

Monday, June 10, 2013

My name is Duncan and I am a hoarder

So before company came the other day my mom said "What stinks around here?"  We had already done a good bit of cleaning but Ms. Nose Almost As Good As Mine was still smelling something.  After going around and around in a dog like sniffing pattern that actually did us proud, puppers, she determined it was my toy box.  Go figure, she had a problem with "eau de toy basket."
There is no such thing as too many toys.
Personally, I did not feel that it was necessary to do an inventory.  I knew exactly every single thing that was in there and where it was in the aging process.  Everything was just fine as far as I was concerned.

Perfectly aged treat remnants.  Delicious!
I had stockpiled a good many treat parts in my basket to save for a rainy day.  You never know when mom or dad might get stuck at work longer than expected leaving you needing an afternoon snack or  pre-dinner appetizer.  Again, I don't know why she was so surprised to find my stash.  I knew exactly what was in there and where it was in the ripening process. 

I don't see anything in here that I am willing to part with, Mom.
Imagine my shock when I realized she was going to do some "weeding out." 
Listen mom, I don't comment on the fact that you're keeping 62 zillion pairs of shoes in your closet, I see no reason for you to concern yourself with what I keep in my so called closet.  And, by the way, some of your shoes smell way worse than any of my toys, just so you know.
Thank heavens I have had so much practice pulling things out of gift bags ... totally came in handy when it came time to pull my toys back out of the "sharing" bag.
I did let her wash a few for the sake of having a good smelling house when company arrived. 
But that is where I drew the line.
And the shoe comment totally got dad onboard with my team, which never hurts!
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Thursday, June 6, 2013

A giant pee-ing machine!!!!

Photo by my dad.  Yes, the yellow on the wall is pee.

Richard Jackson's "Bad Dog" at the Orange County Museum of Art
I know, really.  What is there to say?  We were out for a drive and suddenly, larger than life, there was a dog peeing on a building.  Seriously.  You can't make this stuff up. 
And, puppers, he was peeing on a MUSEUM!!!!  It was a contemporary art museum, but still, you just don't pee on a MUSEUM puppers. Even I know that.
That is worse than eating a rabbit in front of the fancy pantsy hotel.
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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

It wan't my fault. Honest.

Mama Bird flew the coop

Listen.  I know what you're thinking.  And, truth be told, I really don't blame you.


Nope.  When my mom says "don't bother the mama bird or you won't get treats for the rest of your life" I am pretty sure she means it.

And I like my treats.

Me, minding my own business.
I ignored that mama bird and her eggs. 
Never went near them.
It is soooo not my fault that mama flew the coop. 
It actually upset me a little that the mom would leave so my mom and I had a little chat about it.  She said if she did not run away when I was just a little barking, pooping, shoe eating wee pup she is for sure not gonna run away now that I am a strappingly handsome well mannered and oh so popular in the 'hood famous for blogging pupper.

Monday, June 3, 2013

I got presents!!!!

Oh. My. Dog.
Company came to see mom me this weekend and she brought presents.
You just know it is gonna be good when the bag says Woo - Hoo on it.
"Woo - Hoo" pretty much sums up all things wonderful as far as I am concerned.

You have probably figured this out about me already, but there is not much I love more than a gift bag full of tissue paper!
Geesh I love ripping up a good bag and tearing through some tasty tissue paper.
Remember how the other day I was not allowed to eat play with the rabbit cause mom said it would be "bad form."  Well, guess what .... I got a rabbit that I can play with for real.  In fact, I got TWO rabbits. 
Thanks for coming to see me Aunt Mel.
We loved your visit and you can come back ANY time.
Pee S.  Mom says she loves her treats as much as I love mine.  And that is ALOT.
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