Wednesday, July 27, 2011

For the Brits among us ....

Ok, you Brits ... this one is for you.

I don't know how exactly we got on to this topic today, but here's a few things Union Jack that we thought you might enjoy.

THE LEASH can be found at Nola and Spencer on etsy right here. 

THE RETRACTABLE LEASH can be found at Reese's Room right here.

The T-SHIRT comes in black or red and you can order it here.

Dang, dang, dangity dang, dang.  We love this pillow, and now we can't figure out where we found it.  If it's you or you recognize it, please let us know and we'll give you full credit for your image and send our folks your way!

The great Union Jack DOGBED can be found right here at Rockstar Puppy.

The COLLAR CHARM by Diva Dog (and modeled by my handsome self above) can be found here.

We found all this and more.  Maybe next week, we'll go Italian!

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