Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holiday Guide: Decorating the dog house


Heads up, puppers.  Company is coming and we want you to have a well dressed table!  Check out this dog bowl.  Matches your human's holiday china, yes???


And, of course, every welcoming dog house has a wreath on the door.  We LOVE this one from Arcadia Home.  Perfectly appropriate, yes??


Igoes without saying that, Naughty or Nice, you're gonna want a stocking hanging on the mantle.  Odds are good you'll get some treats.  Good treats.  Lots of treats.  Santa is famous for his generosity.  I am personally kind of partial to these from The Company Store. 

We like this company because, as you may have seen from our facebook page, they sell dog pajamas that match the family.  We think that is VERY cool.  Unfortuntately, we had some technical difficulties getting the picture onto this post.  You'll have to click over to our facebook page if you want to see. 

Make your house stylish for the holidays puppers. 

Go forth in style!

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Guide: dog themed wrapping papers

Well, you know, if you are going to wrap it, you might as well wrap it right.

Dog paper, puppers.  It's what all the cool pups are using this season.

We're linking you to a few we like today so you can be well pup-pared!


That top one is from The Container Store.  Can anybody ever go in there and just buy what they went in for???  Thank heavens it's online.


This one, online at Amazon, gets high marks for having cats and dogs.  In this time of good cheer, we'll go ahead and include our feline friends.  It is the season of being GOOD and all.


We love Paper Source.  Two paws up for this one!


Wagga, wagga, puppers.  You knew we would find one with Westies in it, didn't you.  Handsomest dog on the page, yes???

Go forth and wrap in taste, puppers.  Wrap in taste!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Holiday Guide: Get yourselves ready, Puppers

Well, alrighty then, moving on from being thankful to being prepared.  Here comes Christmas, puppers.  You gotta get yourself ready and we're here to help.  Today we will be featuring a few things to get your very self properly outfitted.  Once we have that under out belt, we'll help you get a few supplies stocked up and then we will move on to our Holiday Guides.  You are not going to believe all the goodies we have found for you to pick from for your dog buddies and their keepers!

Source, buy it here

This piecs is  from a company we found called Alqo Wasi.  Their sweaters are made from Alpaca and the company was started because they have Westies.  Ok, well, kind of.  The woman who started the company had to come up with a college thesis.  While traveling in the Andes she came up with the idea of dog clothes woven regionally made of the local Alpaca. 

Yep, this one does indeed LIGHT UP.  Nope, that is not moi in that photo, but I'll bet my dad will get me this outfit for the holidays.  We love stuff that blinks around here.  Gonna be the life of the party with this one, puppers.  And you know how I like to be the life of the party!!!

Yep, you're right indeed.  My mom prefers me in more subtle holiday attire such as this bow tie.  And, even if I was a girly girl dog, she still probably wouldn't dress me up all that much, so we found an option for the girls on this one too:

And, of course, if you are dressing up as the Santa Paws in your house this year, you're gonna need this one:

More power to you, Santa Paws.

And may we all be perfectly well dressed this season!

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Shopping Day!

So mom comes running down the stairs this morning in a total frenzy. Robe was flying by quickly, slippers were slipping as she rounded the corner by my bed ... a veritable freanzy, if you will.

I lifted my head from my comfy bed with one eye open and saw dad sitting stunned on the sofa.

Mom is NEVER up this early, you see.

And, if she is, she is CERTAINLY never FULL OF ENERGY at this hour.

In between drinking the OJ straight from the carton and forgetting to feed me, she kept chattering on about BLACK FRIDAY.  Shopping THIS and Shopping THAT and don your holiday sweaters people it is time to ROLL!!!!

With that, I did what any good, all american, hoping to be called NICE, pupper would do this time of year:  I donned my holiday attire and hopped into my wheels.
LET'S HIT IT I barked way too loudly for the hour.

Hope your Black Friday is bountiful,  puppers!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving, Puppers!

So glad you checked in today ... you're high up there on the list of things this pup is thankful for and I'm glad you're reading this post today so I can say so in person.

I don't do photo shoots on a post with a pilgrim hat on for just anybody, you know!

Enjoy the time with your family, puppers.  Don't growl at anybody no matter how hard they tug your ears, don't grab the bird off the counter no matter how good it smells, and don't pee inside even if they get distracted by all the commotion and forget to take you out!

Sign me,

Ever Thankful

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I am thankful for ...

I am thankful that I did not fall out of this tree.
I am thankful to all of you for loving me.

I am thankful for my plentiful food.
I am thankful you understand my Westie-tude.

I am thankful for my warm bed at night.
I am thankful for those who hold me tight.

I am thankful for my bountiful treats.
I am thankful I get to lay on your warm feets.

I am thankful for your loving care,
I am thankful that I have so much to share.

Here's hoping your cup runneth over this Thanksgiving puppers!

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Poor Thanksgiving!

So Mom and I were out and about this weekend and SO WAS EVERYBODY ELSE.

Really, Holy Woof, Batdog, there were people EVERYWHERE.

Mom and I started to feel like we should be decking the halls there was so much Christmas stuff already out.  On one shelf, a wayward pumpkin on after holiday sale.  And on EVERY OTHER shelf, a HO HO here and a HO HO there.  Ohhhhhh, the collage of redness and greenness nearly made me dizzy.

And do you know what???  There was not a turkey to be found ANY where. 

And so we salute you, Thanksgiving.  You are a day between retail seasons which I personally would like to stop and take time to appreciate.  You give us a reason to pause and give thanks for all our many blessings, which for me this year, are going to include sweet potatoes and turkey. 

Four paws up for THANKSGIVING, puppers. She is right around the corner and I say ... let's show her some love!

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

GOOD DOG: A book featuring moi, kind of ....


You know, every now and then I come across a book that makes me want to learn how to read! 

Gosh we love this one ... find it here. 

I am sure the reason that they did not contact moi to be on the cover is that they knew from the blog how busy my schedule is.  Otherwise they SURELY would have put my likeness on the cover.

But I think we get the point, and it's a good one:


Not that we needed to tell YOU that.

Goes without saying, yes??

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Good Dog Design: Tory Burch Collar


My Aunty Sharon is a big fan of Tory Burch.  My Aunty Sharon is a big fan of me.  I am a big fan of my Aunty Sharon.  My Aunty Sharon had a birthday yesterday.

Therefore, by the transitive property of blogging (I know, higher math, but work with me here people...) it makes perfect sense to feature this Tory Burch dog collar in Good Dog Design today.

It looks alot like a Mascot collar we featured earlier, but this one comes with the Tory bling.  Va va va VOOM, if you will.

We like the orange, but it also comes in black.

If you're the styling type of pupper, or you would like to buy oen for Aunty's Sharon's pup Sophie, you can get it here.

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Aunty Sharon!

Dear Aunty Sharon,

Happy Birthday!  Thanks for everything you do for me.  You've been there with me through thick and thin and Mom says the thick is pretty thick and the thin is pretty thin around here!  I love that you understand how we Westie's work and you, in fact, ENCOURAGE our Westie-ness.




Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Finds: Poop Happens

Well, you people might not like to talk about it, but we puppers are pretty open about it.  Poop happens, and all that.  Since our paws are hitting the pavement and not available for removal service, we bring you humans this customer service post about how to pick it up in style!

Allow me to introduce my five favorite poop bag holders.  We've got something for everyone.

First up, for those of you with the rugged, outdoorsy, night-time walking humans, might we recommend the Nature's Miracle flashlight dog pick up bag holder.  This one attaches to any leash with an adjustable strap. They say that the bags that come with it are extra thick with antimicrobial stuff on the bags which inhibits odor-causing bacteria. The fancy flashlight has steady, strobe and blinking L.E.D. light functions so you can saunter, run or party while out on your evening walk. Or send an SOS or do morse code or something. 


In the "cute" category, these Tweetie Pie Pooch Pouches come in several varieties. I can just see my mom getting me the bumble bee one to go with my bumble bee Halloween costume from last year that she is probably going to torture me with put on me again this year.  This one gets high marks for being washable and soft so you won't hear the bang bang bang of the holder against the leash with every step. 

In the green category, two paws up for the 4U2REUSE bag holder.  This one is made out of recycled plastic bottles and has a second hook to hold a full bag if you have to walk aways to get to the trash can. Hands free toting if you will.  It's got reflective piping around the edges for evening walks and we really love the fabrics they're using here.

For the streamliners amongst you ... check out the BOA POD.  Sleek and to the point .. although they say there's additional compartments for keys or treats here somewhere.  Once more, high marks for not banging against the leash with every step.  I think my dad would probably like this one .. not too fluffy or foofy or any of those things he shies away from.


And, last but not least, for the hoity toity in the crowd, the "a little too proud to announce it's intentions" prize goes to this carrier from Mungo and Maud.  This one is called the Poop Pouch Leaf and is shown in "stone" here.  It's descibed on the website as "made from buttery soft leather" and comes "replete with a loop for attaching to a lead."  WOW.  The description even sounds rich.  Probably means mom is gonna want one of these ... she is all about understated elegance in a buttery leather format ... as I once discovered when I ate a pair of her buttery leather shoes.  Bad idea, but I digress ...


We're hoping we've found something for everybody here.  Do you have a favorite???

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

An early Happy Birthday to my Pop

Woof, Pop.  Just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY a day early.

You now, for a gentleman who probably never thought one of his grandkids would have PAWS, you're alright.

Handled it well.

Yep, adapted quite well to being a Pup Pop if I do say so myself.

And a Pup Pop to moi, to boot.

Some say I can be quite a handful .... 

Not an easy job, puppers, not an easy job!

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Oh, what a week!

Whoa, puppers.  We've been having quite a week around here.  You now, lots of coming and going. 

For me, all this hither and yon means going from front door to back door trying to figure out who is moving in and out and how this is going to impact MY day.  Wears the paws out, you know?  Keeps the claws clipped.

Of course, if I feel like I am going to be UNFAIRLY left behind, I have to try real hard to squeeze between my mom's feet when she is heading out.  A tricky maneuver, if I do say so myself as a couple of times I have been darn near strangled trying to execute this manuever.  It is a VERY risky operation that has NEVER resulted in Mom not leaving, but every once in a while I make a quick dive under the car and refuse to come out, which results in a cheese trail being created from car to kitchen.  Smart move, yes??

It's exhausting to keep ahead of it all, puppers,  downright exhausting!

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Whoa, and Hamish McBeth comes to the states

Find it here

Whoa, puppers.  Now there's a shot that got your attention, didn't it!!!!

Before you even go there, NO, that is NOT moi. 

Pretty sure I am never going to have occasion to wear a kilt.  But, just in case YOU need one, go here.

Now that I think about it, maybe I will bookmark it in case I am invited to any holiday parties.  That plaid would be perfect.  We did already talk about how hip I am, didn't we??

Anywoof, we LOVE this company because they are all about Westies.

I know, I know, what's not to love about us Westies, right?

And now you can find their stuff in the states.

So if we've left you unsure because of the kilt, here are a few other of their offerings that we really like:
Find it here

Find it here

Find it here

Find it here

Now you get it, don't you ....


Told ya.

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Friday, November 4, 2011

Well Cheerio then!

Well, top of the day to you, puppers!  The Puperie is off to a British event this weekend.  As most of you know, we don't generally cater to the puppers but rather to the ones who love them.  HOWEVER, in this case, they are putting us right by the pub, so we thought it would only be right to have some Fish & Chips for the pawtiers as well.

We found our delicacies at Bocce's Bakery. We originally heard about them because of their dog bone delivery service.  Sadly for me, they don't deliver in CA, but maybe one day????

Anhywoof, Bocce, the top dog over there, was apparently sporting a few extra pounds (really, who isn't??) on his fursique so his mama, who loves to cook, made some treats for him.  Waa- laa, a business was born.  The treats are all natural and preservative free so I am hoping this means I will get LOTS of them. And, check out those labels ... this post could also be filed under Good Dog Design, yes?

And with that, I am off to see the Queen.  Or maybe William and Kate .... surely she wouldn't leave me at home, would she??????

Sign me,

King D

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thanksgiving Dogs: Do we dress up for this?

Listen, puppers.  I just spent the day dressed up as a devil so I am REALLY hoping that Thanksgiving, the holiday they tell me comes next, is NOT a dress up affair. I did see some puppers dressed up as turkeys on Monday, but perhaps that was just a mis-fire??


A classy collar for the occasion would suit me just fine.  In fact, we have been looking around lately and there are some good ones and less good ones out there, to be delicate.  As for me, I pick this one from  It's an Up Country collar so we know it's gonna wear well, and the design is a bit more, shall we say, subtle, than a few of the others we have seen out and about.  You can find it here if you'd like one for yourself!

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: The Boss

The Boss in his leather Executive Chair.  He thinks he is all that ... and more!

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