Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Practice makes perfect ....

Mom said it was important to practice alot with my new camera. Here we are practicing by taking shots of ourselves. The important lesson we both learned was that even if you're just playing around, you should get out your brush and do a little grooming before you start if the pics are going to end up on your blog!!!!

Sign me,

Little D, practicing on your behalf!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Our secret is out ....

Well, if you subscribe to the Doggy Daily, then you know that our secret is out.

Mom is heading to Texas and I am going to be flying solo here in the blogosphere for a while.

Not to worry folks, I have been trained and I have gotten my own equipment, as evidenced above.


That mom of mine always thinks things through ... my new camera is slobber proof and it has a hard case on it in case I get distracted and start chewing on it. I know, I know. But you know how some girls (mostly blondes) flip their hair over and over and don't even notice they are doing it? That is kind of what chewing is like for moi ... I don't realize what I am doing and suddenly there is a camera in my mouth.

Anywoof, there might be a slight change in photo quality, but I've got it covered, people.

I've got it covered.

Sign me,

Little D, about to start winging it

Friday, June 25, 2010


Welcome to this edition of NO NO FRIDAY everybody, and allow me to introduce my mom.


Or, in my case, do not ignore the mama that helps you with your blog. People know you are not despite your best attempts to have them thinking otherwise flying solo and they apparently DO NOT like seeing your mom faded out in the background and/or wearing an (admittedly really cute) t-shirt with only her chest and elbows showing.
Sign me,

Little D, shining the spotlight on someone else for a change!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

This baby ain't got nothing on THE SHARK

Allow me to introduce THE SHOP VAC:

This machine makes THE SHARK look like a goldfish swimming in the Pacific.

Mom realized there was a problem when she came downstairs and found me trying to scratch my way into a kitchen cabinet. All she had heard from upstairs was the banging of cabinet door against wood frame. Beast vs. cabinet, if you will.

After seeing me in such angst, she dared to leave me.


Presumably to get shoes so she could take me for a walk while Dad finished up on the patio.

I didn't care.

In a move worthy of a professional stunt man, I LEAPT over the FOUR FOOT HIGH BARRIER that is in place to keep me from heading upstairs.


I found my mom and stuck myself to her like a cheap suit on a hot Texas day.

We were stuck together like velcro, I tell you; like VELCRO.

Another "Diary Of A Wimpy Dog" day folks.

Sign me,

Little D, running scared and not too proud to admit it!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

As The Dog Dives

Back in the pool again folks. This time I was training at the Olympic Training Center at Bart and Brad's house.

There was a big crowd there to cheer me on. And do a little eating and drinking.

Assisted by my mom, I dove was dropped right in.

The crowd went wild.

I remembered not to pee in the pool.

I sank.

I swam.

I bowed to the roar of applause.

I shook like Michael Phelps.

And then I hopped out and got a treat.

Sign me,

Little D, Olympic hopeful

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Another Father's Day Photo ....

I got all "duded up" for my dad on Dad's day. I figured at least one man in the house needs to wear a tie from time to time!

My Favorite Aunt Harriet made this for me. Cute, yes?

She is going to be selling them in her Etsy store soon so let me know if any of you pups need one. Pup-ettes too ... she has a girly version as well.

Sign me,

Little Dapper D

Monday, June 21, 2010

Well check me out!

Well helloooooooo eveybody. I hope you all had a great weekend. I sure did. I gave this picture of me to my dad for Father's Day and HE LOVED IT!!!! I mean, really, if I do say so myself ... what's not to love about it? If Olympic diving does not work out, I may just head on over to Hollywood!

I had this picture taken professionally by a guy named David Moyle. He gave me LOTS of treats while I was doing my photo shoot. IT WAS GREAT. If you are in the Orange County area and want his info, let me know.

Sign me,
Little D, pretty sure I'm gonna be famous one day

Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Father's Day to the Best Dad Ever

I am going to take a day off from NO NO FRIDAY to wish my dad a Happy Father's Day.

Thanks for always being a strong shoulder to lean on Dad.

You're the best.

Sign me,

Little D, Lucky Dog

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Meet my Mom

I love my mom. I really do. Especially this week because she is the only one here to take care of me. But, you know, sometimes she surprises me with her, shall we say, lack of common sense.


Take this picture for instance. She got this very cool, dog supportive T-shirt at that shelter event we went to the other day. She really, REALLY wanted me to post a picture of the shirt. She took LOTS AND LOTS of pictures of it.

She didn't understand my hesitancy.

Helloooooo, IT'S BACKWARDS Mom. That is why they call it a MIRROR.



Anyhoo, the shirt says "DOGS ARE THE NEW KIDS." It's designed by one of my favorite peeps, Mary Evans. Let me know if you want one .... I'm pretty well connected and I am sure I could run off with one for you.

Sign me,

Little D, loving my mama!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

One Hot Babe, Part II

WOWZA. Sophie is back! That is her up there again ... this time she is checking out the gift I sent her for her birthday. We sent her some treats from A Dog's Life. It's a very cool dog place that will put whatever photo you want on the label. With a dog as gorgeous as Sophie, how could you NOT put her on a label??? We especially like this place 'cuz they have a rescue series that donates 10% of the proceeds to help pups that are not quite as fortunate as me and Sophie are. (I mean, really, even we can admit that we're a bit spoiled!) You can check them out here.
Sign me,
Little D, tickled by my own gift!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

As The Dog Dives

I dove in the pool like Greg Louganis.
I drank from the pool like I had been in the desert.
(Not pictured) I peed in the pool like a racehorse.
Training session immediately terminated.
Sign me,
Little D, still got some training to do!

Monday, June 14, 2010

One Hot Babe

Check out that hottie up there! That is my friend Sophie. You may remember her from my "Chicks Dig Me" post. Isn't she just the cutest ??? WOWZA! Smokin .... What else can I say? She was at the beach celebrating her birthday this weekend. Sure wish I could have been there!

Sign me,

Little D, lovin' the ladies!

Friday, June 11, 2010


After working out some technical difficulties (paws on a keyboard people, paws on a keyboard!) I am BACK!

Heads up you two legged types ... this one is for you!

Do NOT crowd my photo op with YOUR shadow. This blog is all about ME, remember? YOUR shadow in MY picture detracts from my handsome studliness and it's just wrong, I tell you; it's just wrong!

All together now .... "I will not take photos of my precious pup with the sun at my back even if my shadow makes me look all tall and skinny ... I will not take photos of my precious pup with the sun at my back even if my shadow makes me look all tall and skinny ..."

Sign me,

Little D, shine that spotlight on me, people, shine it on me!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dad's Birthday: Party at the Shelter

In honor of my dad being such a dog lover and all, the Irvine Shelter had a birthday party for him. Well. Ok. Not really exactly just for him. It was HUGE! It was hot. There were balloons and cake and cookies just like a real birthday party. There were shops all around and dogs everywhere. Lots and lots of dogs. Dogs really and truly everywhere, I kid you not. There were big dogs, little dogs, black dogs, white dogs, and all kind of dogs in between. To be honest, it was a little too much for me .... way to many new smells and sights to process. Plus, at one point I heard my dad say something to mom about how maybe we should steal one of those little "adopt me" bandanas lots of the pups were wearing and see what kind of deal they could make for me. After that, I went totally over the edge and I hopped up on my mom and tried to get her to carry me the rest of the afternoon!!!!!!
Sign me,
Little D, on my best behavior these days!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dad's Birthday: the at home part

Well Glory Alleluia it was my dad's birthday this weekend. And, IT WAS GREAT.
My favorite part was his present from my mom. IT CAME IN A GIFT BAG and there is nothing this pup loves more than doing a little destructo on a gift bag. EXCEPT, as it turns out, CHICKEN!
As you can see, my mom got dad a ginormous chocolate cake. (Why a chocolate cake when that stuff is so bad for pups, I'll never know.) The only saving grace for moi was that we BBQ'd on the patio (as you can see, I did most of the work) and I got to eat CHICKEN for the first time. Oh. My. Gosh. Good.
And then we all collapsed.
The end.
Sign me,
Little Birthday Loving D

Monday, June 7, 2010

Another party for my dad

OK. I have a confession to make. My mom is out of town and I am wrangling this blogging all by myself for a few days. I just hit the send button and some of the blogs the next few days are gonna be a little out of order. Ooops. What can I say? Paws on a keyboard people ... think about it.

Geesh. And I thought my mom was a birthday princess. At, yet another not really a birthday party with my dad this weekend, I happened upon this four legged but not quite a dog thingie. Turns out, it's a CAT. My pug friends Bart and Bradley invited me over for another playdate (*) and there were SIX of these four legged fellows there. HOLY COW. I tried to get this one to play with me. We taunted and teased like high school teenagers for a little while. Or, at least that is what I thought it was. Turns out, cats don't actually like dogs much though. I discovered this when I tried to pounce at one point. BAD IDEA. VERY BAD IDEA. The cat pounced back and I ran screaming under the coffee table and headed outside as fast as I could. WHEW. Close call. (**)

Sign me,

Little D, living and learning

(*) Yes, there was an Olympic training session. You'll have to wait for the next episode of "As The Dog Dives" though to hear about it. Ha .. such a tease I am!

(**) Not really in any danger folks. Turns out this cat really considers himself a dog and he really was just trying to play with me. Score one for Team Canine!

Sleeping In

Good morning everybody! Duncan had kind of a WILD weekend, so we're letting him sleep in. He'll be back to blogging tomorrow when he is rested up!

Have a great day.

Duncan's Mom

Friday, June 4, 2010

NO NO Friday

Attention pups and pup-ettes.
Get to know this word: FER-TI-LI-ZER.
One word:
Stay away from it pups; just stay away.
Sign me,
Little D, spending the weekend with the Pepto bottle

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Containment vs Contentment

Dear Mom,

Containment does NOT turn to contentment just because you add my favorite chewy into the mix.

It just doesn't work that way.


Sign me,

Little D, don't fence me in

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ah, fame.

Well now THAT'S another one of those "not what you were expecting" pictures, isn't it?

You know, when you are a (not to brag but) famous blogger such as myself, you get all sorts of interesting mail.

This guy found me (*) after that last party blog and asked to be invited to my next gig.

I think not.

Sign me, Little D

(*) Don't take that literally. He found me via the comment section not via my front door. If he had been at the front door, I'm pretty sure I'd been long since gobbled up and digested by now.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Olympic hopes dashed?

The time had come.
I had my water-doggles at the ready.
Mom had the video camera.
I was about to start my Olympic training.
And then this.
No dogs allowed in the pool.
What the heck?
Stay tuned to find out if the White Dog's Olympic hopes are dashed.
Will the Mission be scrubbed?
Tune in (probably not) tomorrow for more episodes of "As the Dog Dives."