Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!!!

Yay, Yay, Yay!
Halloween is here!!!
I really, really hope that we get some trick or treaters at our house tonight.
I am not wearing this outfit for nothing, you know!
Stay safe puppers -- don't eat any chocolate and don't run away if somebody leaves the gate open!
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Monday, October 29, 2012

Ha Ha Ha Happy it's almost Halloween!

I don't know how you all spent your weekend, but we spent it trying to figure out the whole Halloween thing.  You know ... finding a costume that satisfies Mom's cuteness requirement (ugh!)  while at the same time being something I can actually tolerate wearing for more than half of a half of  a nano-second.
It was tough, but I think we figured it out.
Stay tuned!!!
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Monday, October 22, 2012

My first Halloween, or surely we can do better!

Seriously.  We all know Halloween is about costumes, and costumes are about pictures.
So, you tell me .... why did they not get me a hair cut before they dressed me up like a bee.
I think I may have been the shaggiest bee in the history of the universe.
And I HATED that costume.  I, generally speaking, do NOT like to get dressed up and I had a REAL PROBLEM with being dressed up like a bee.  I am pretty sure we have alot more pictures of me trying to get that costume off than me really wearing it.
Surely with this much advanced planning we can do better this year.  Yes????
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Friday, October 19, 2012

Flashback Friday

Have I ever mentioned that I had quite a mouth on me when I was a little pup?

From what they say, I was so loud you could hear me from miles away.

Mostly I did not, and still do not, like to be contained in any way.

My mom was so determined for me to be crate trained that one time she put me and my crate in her office and when I started howling she put ear plugs in.  Bless her heart.  I out-howled the earplugs,  plus she looked funny.  I think it was the looking funny that made her decide to try another tactic.  Which also didn't work, by the way.

I am a little better now.  I only howl if you leave out the front door or if I can hear you outside and you are so rude as to not include me in your conversation.  That REALLY gets me going. 

And, with apologies to some of you, I occasionally get real loud around big dark dogs.  Not my fault ... one came after me when I was little and unable to defend myself and I am still not over it despite having grown into the fierce studly specimen that I now am imagine myself to me.

Oh, how I am enjoying looking back at NO NO FRIDAY.  The perspective makes me look like Wonder Dog now!!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

What to be for Halloween????

With Halloween coming and all we have been looking back at pictures from Halloweens past.
OMD, this one totally cracks me up!!!!
Do you all have your costumes picked out? 

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sand in my paws. NOT!

Not pictured:  Moi!

So this weekend my mom and dad took a little "staycation" and spent some time at the beach.

We all know that I just LOVE the beach ... ahhhh, the sand between my paws and all that.

But do you see ME in that picture up there?

Nope.  I got nothing.  Nada.

Which I find very interesting since there was clearly a perfectly good empty seat next to my dad.

It would have been so easy for me to dab a little sunscreen on the tips of my white ears and hang out with him in that EMPTY chair RIGHT NEXT TO HIM for a while.

They said they missed me, but I don't know how that could be given that view and all.

Maybe I'll get to join them next time.

There's always next time, puppers!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Tacos and an apology ...

Me, wishing for a taco.
Well.  Taco eating day has come and gone in doggie blogland.

And I got nothing.

I had plans.

Heck, even mom had plans.

And we owe a GREAT BIG APOLOGY TO Jazzi's mom, because we told her we would pawticipate and we blew it.

We were gonna make ground chicken tacos with a green bean "shell" with a carrot and cheese topping.

But, alas, it just didn't happen.

Couldn't get our act together on Thursday.

They don't call me "ever hopeful" for nothing though.

The ingredients are in the house so I am hoping that maybe I will get my taco this week.  Day late and a dollar short, for sure, but probably still muy tasty.

I'll keep you posted, puppers.

I'll keep you posted!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Flashback Friday

If you have been with us since the beginning, you may recall that when I was just a wee pup Fridays around here were called NO NO FRIDAY.
There for a while I thought my name was NO NO BAD DOG.  I gave Friday alot of material to work with.
Imagine that.
Anywoof, I thought it would be a good thing for mom to look back on a few Fridays to have some perspective.  You know, give her a little reminder of how good I am NOW.

I mean, seriously, I was such a doofus I actually chewed her shoe while it was on her foot.

It took about six more months for me to realize that that behavior needed to take place in the closet.  In the dark in the closet.  Quietly in the dark in the closet.
Looking back on old times is kind of fun. 
Want to see more next Friday, puppers?
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Thursday, October 4, 2012

A few more surfing shots, dude.

Yo, puppers.

We stole a few more pics from Aunty K that we thought you might like to see from the surfing event last weekend.

Did I mention that I was NOT THERE.

Please note that there were lots of other westies there. 

Um, mom?

Aunty K?


Bulldog has a center of gravity advantage!

Wrong way, dude!

The definition of cool.

Dude's walking on water!

The labradoodle won the "most enthusiastic" award!!

Not pictured:  ME!!!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Surf's Up!!

Believe it or not, Aunty Karen actually came to see another westie besides moi.  I know, I know, color me SHOCKED.
You see, this weekend there was a Surf Dog competition, and there is this dude named Joey who, so they say, is the only surfing Westie in the universe.
Mom and Aunty K were really impressed.
I was a little UNimpressed myself until I realized that he's a rescued pupper and he does all of this attention seeking surfing stuff to raise money to help other rescues. 
Makes the fact that he is more famous than me OK, if you will.
Allow me to share a few pictures of the weekend we shamelessly stole from Aunty K's facebook page:

Joey, the surfing Westie. 

Joey being carried to the water like he is royalty or something.

Turns out the dude really can surf.  Go figure!

The pawparazzi were all over the guy!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

She's here, She's here!!!!

Ok, I know.  Not the best quality picture.  We've been over that already.

But I think you get the point.

SHE'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!

And do you know what?

The most amazing thing happenned.

I totally forgot about HER and went straight for THAT GIFT BAG.

Oh, the glorious taste of tissue paper!!!

You all know how I love her dearly, but I was just totally overcome with desire for tissue.

She got over it.

Mom's still a bit embarassed.

In the end, all is well.

And she is STILL HERE.


Yippee Yay Yay Yay!!

Luckiest. Dog. Ever.

That would be ME!!!!