Friday, June 27, 2014

Epik. Birthday. Fail.

As you know, it was my dad's birthday recently.

And, as you know, my mom has an inner Martha Stewart that comes out a lot, especially when dealing with parties, paper products, etc.

But apparently Inner-Martha does not show up for gift wrapping, as evidenced by the recent wrapping of my dad's birthday present from us.

Mummy, anyone?

Seriously, could she not do any better than that??

So embarrassing.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Ever so helpful in the summertime ...

Mom says that summertime is all about grilling and eating dinner out on the patio.  Being that I am always so helpful around here, I thought I might take my turn as Chef tonight .....

Not to worry duck lovers, she said NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!

Hope I get points for trying, puppers!

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Dad's day a day or two late ...

I've said it before and I'll say it again ... from the beginning dad has been my favorite.
This was the day my mom brought my dad to the puppy place to meet me.  I took one look and walked right over to him and said "Hello, please take me home with you."
And he said "OK, I think I will.  And we will be great friends.  And I will be the best dad ever."
We've been through a lot since that first day and all of it has just cemented my love for my dad. 
Now that I am all grown up, we do more mature things together like rip bags to shreds.  Like the good dad that he is, he shared the bag I had used to put the most perfect gift ever which I of course picked out for him all by myself that had his father's day pressie in it with me.  He actually made a game of it and put a treat in the bottom and packed the bag pretty full of paper for me to destructo -- my FAVORITE thing to do.
I tried a new technique this time and rather than pulling all the paper out from the top of the bag, I ripped the seam apart on the side and got to the treat at the bottom much quicker.  It was AWESOME!!!!  And, if I do say so myself, my pawrents were pretty much in awe of my technique.  Lots of "Oh my dawg, he is SOOO SMART!!"  Not that I mind all that ....
I left behind quite the path of destruction, butt, since it was a special occasion and all I did not get in one bit of trouble and I did not even have to clean up my own mess.  I think Father's Day may now be my most favorite special day ever.
Thanks Dad for being the best dad.  I love you!

Monday, June 9, 2014

My heart has been broken ...

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Doesn't this picture just make your heart break for moi?

My mom was gone for a while taking care of the aforementioned impawtant family business, so when she came home I did what I always do and I looked at the pics on her phone to see what she had been up to while she deserted me took care of this impawtant family business.

Oh. My. Dawg.

She cheated on me.


I dare say she was cavorting with more than one dog at a time even.

And look at that backdrop.  They were cavorting in a beautiful spot, too.  A spot which I do not recognize, by the way, because she has never taken ME there.  She has only hung out there with the other dog.  I mean dogs, as in plural, as in there was more than one "other dog" involved here.

I dare say she was taking a picture of that other dog to use on MY blog even.

Oh, the travesty.

The question now is, are there enough treats in the world to make up for it?

I'll let you know, puppers.  I'll let you know!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Flashback Friday

Here I am helping mom write our first blog post.  As you can see, right from the beginning I have been a very hard worker.  Yep, no one can say I don't do my share of the thinking around here!  This was over 700 posts ago.  Can you believe that???  Thanks for sticking with us!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Me and dad .. both equally handsome.
Happy Birthday to the best dad a dog could ever hope for!
Thanks for all you do -- I appreciate especially the extra treats you give me when mom is not looking.  Thanks, also, for helping me become so accomplished at my "Who me?" look.  She falls for it EVERY time!!  Oh, and thanks also for not getting soap in my eyes like mom does when you give me a bath. 
You're the best, and I hope you have a wonderful day!

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The ears have it ....

I don't admit this to very many people, but I figure we know each other well enough by now that I can open up a bit with you.  I was a late bloomer.  One ear came up much later than the other.
And since I am telling you all my secrets, I might as well go ahead and share with you that sometimes one ear or the other still wakes up late in the morning.  Yep, sometimes one ear or the other just doesn't cooperate until it's had some caffeine kibble.
Please don't tell the girls, puppers.  Please don't tell the girls!