Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Pet Postcard Project

After we wrote our blog post yesterday, we cruised around checking out some other dog blogs.

You know, checking out the competition and all.

We happened upon this really cool site called The Pet Postcard Project.  You dog lovers should really check it out.  The way it works is, you create a pet themed post card giving advice or expressing a wish and for every postcard received, depending on the campaign running at the time, a certain amount of food is donated to a particular shelter. 

The card up there is one of the ones we did. 

And for those of you thinking you aren't creative enough or don't have the time, check out  It's what we used to create our postcard up there.

Easy, breezy, even when you're using paws on the keyboard, puppers.

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  1. Good job with the paying forward Duncan. We love that you do that!

  2. really its fine and you had done a good job