Monday, November 30, 2015

All I want for Christmas is .....

Mom and I were going through some old photos the other day, and look what we found .... a picture of me with my favorite Aunty Karen.  I turned to mom and said "Mom, all I want for Christmas is a visit from Aunty K." 

And do you know what mom said back??? She said "D, you are the only pup I know who can only ask for one thing for Christmas and still get everything you want ..."
Santa, I just want to go on record that this wish was NOT strategizing on my part.  I did NOT just say that because I knew that if Aunty Karen came she would bring me lots of treats and toys and everything else on my list.  Really.  Think about that for a minute.  I am not that smart.  Well, OK, I actually am that smart -- I am a WESTIE after all.  But really, if anyone were to get penalized for being self-serving I think it should be mom for even thinking that.

Love you Aunty K!
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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Anticipation ....

Throw the ball dad.  Come on dad, throw the ball.  THROW THE BALL.  Pleeeeeeeze throw it.  Throw it.  Throw it.  Now would be a good time dad.  Anytime now dad.  Throw it.  Now.  Please?  I'm ready.  I am SO READY.  Come on dad ... now now now. What are we waiting for?  Don't have all day, Dad.  I can't take it anymore dad.  Throw the ball, dad. You're killing me here.  Throw it, throw it, THROW THE BALL DAD.  I mean, hey dad could you please throw my ball for me?  Like, now.  Pretty please with a little sand on top?????

Friday, November 27, 2015

Oh be Joyful ...

Mom says that in addition to thankfulness, you also need a little JOY in your life.  For mom, if you look up JOY in the dictionary, you see a picture of me at the beach.  Being at the beach with me and dad is totally Mom's HAPPY PLACEI GOT TO GO TO THE BEACH FOR THANKSGIVING, PUPPERS!!!!!!!


Here's hoping everybuddy gets to spend the weekend in their happy place, puppers!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Thinking about thankful ..

Mom says this is the week to really focus on everything I am thankful for. 
When I really start to think about it, WOWZA, I am a lucky pup!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Turnabout is fair play ...

Mom:  D, I need to get into the shower
Duncan:  Um, Yeah.
Mom:  Come on Duncan, I am going to be late for work.
Duncan:  I'm very busy here Mom. 
Mom:  You don't look busy.
Duncan:  Busy in my dreams, Mom. 
Mom:  That doesn't count.
Duncan:  Looks surprisingly like you when you say you are too busy to throw the ball.
Mom:  arghhhhhhh.
HAHAHAHA ... Gotcha, Mom!