Friday, July 1, 2011

Ciao, puppers!

Well sorry everybody that we've been quiet this week!  Turns out we had an illness .... mom called it "jet lag."  You see, she got to head on over to Italia for a quick vacation and came back a little zonked out.  I know, I know, cry her a river!

Anywoof, we spent the week talking about the Italian pups and it turns out, they are just like us woofers here in the USA.  Go figure.

As would be expected, Westies were representing.  Check out that one up there .... probably called Alfonso or something and acting like he owns the place.  Typical.

Mom said she was fortunate to be joined at lunch by Carmen up there.  She is the hotel dog ... looks pretty relaxed about customer service, if you ask me.      The hotel happened to be on the one street running through town (ie, very busy) and Mom said Carmen navigated the traffic shockingly well.  Of course, Mom's only comparison is to me, and I never have learned to look both ways before crossing the street. 

Mom said that she covered all of Rome in one afternoon and after lots and LOTS of walking around, she only saw one pet store in the whole place.  AND CHECK OUT THE LOGO --- Westies are representing again, puppers.  Woo Hooo!  I am so proud that I can almost get over the fact they made us share the limelight with that other four-leggeder up there. 

Mom says she can't use the jet lag excuse any longer, so we'll be back on track next week.

Ciao, Puppers! 

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