Thursday, July 7, 2011

More about dogs and summertime

Find suit here
find doggles here and sunscreen here

Whoa, puppers.  That is NOT ME up there.  I know what you're thinking ... that mom has finally gone over the edge with the dressing me for the sake of the blog.  Nope, not the case.  That top one is just a picture from a site we found when we were looking for dog swimsuits.  We were doing a little search since we seem to have a "dogs in summerime" theme going here this week and it turns out there's lots more suits for you girly types than for us dudes.  Plus, of course, we needed to showcase a westie strutting her stuff while we had the chance.  Anywoof, not to worry because I am going to keep searching and find me some Hawaiian swim trunks or something real quick before mom decides to put me in a speedo or something.  Whoa, THAT vision gives me a headache grande.

Since I haven't found a suit, I decided to jump start my hip summer look by wearing shades.  We did not do any actual research on eye protection for pups but my mom has always said I should have them when I cruise around with my dad if we have the the top down. (Really?  IF we have the top down? What would be the point of cruising otherwise??)  Far and away the most popular brand we found was Doggles.  If you click the link under the photo up there, you can buy some for yourself should you be inclined to be as cool as I think I am  me.

Now, what we have done some research on, me being a fair skinned white pup and all, is sunscreen.  One thing we know for sure is that zinc oxide is a NO NO for puppers.  Don't cover us in that stuff.  Also, did you know that us short leggeders get a double whammy ... our bellies can get burned from the reflection on the pavement.  Go figure .. never considered that one before. 

You can hit the link up there to go to one of the sunscreens we found for pups.  We read some websites that said baby and sensitive skin sunscreens are OK for pups and that you don't need to spend the extra money on pup stuff.   Check with your vet though, because like I said, we know for sure that zinc oxide is a NO NO, and you know we're gonna be licking all over the places you put the stuff. 

Summer safety is what it's all about puppers!

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