Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Iphone Apps for Dog Lovers

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Listen up pups and pup-people.  There's a couple of iphone apps I just know you're gonna wanna know about!

My personal favorite:  isqueek

With this one, you pick a toy and slap the phone with your paw and your mom's phone squeaks like the toy.  It's amazingly fun.  Why my mom downloaded this one, I'll never know.  Play up when you can pups, because this one is probably not one that is going to stay on the phone for long!  Plus, you have to pay a little something to get this one.

Mom's favorite:  petmd

This one tells you what to do in pupper emergencies.  We checked out what to do if I start choking ... you know me and my love of food! I think this one cost us $1.99.

A few more:

dog park finder:  This one is free and found LOTS of dog parks near our house, some of which we did not know about.

instagram:  this is a photo app we use alot ... you can pick different vintage looking effects, like the one on the photo above.

picture effect magic:  this one is another photo app we use ... you can get some "sketch" effects with this one, like the photo below.  With this one we are realizing that either (1) we need more practice or (2) it works best for uploading to websites like facebook.  The resolution is kind of low here.  Plus we're pretty sure it's gonna work the best if you start with a picture with not much background to it.

There's tons and tons of apps out there ... from virtual pet ownership to the Westie Rescue of CA where you can see the puppers available for adoption.

Go ahead, play around with it!