Monday, July 11, 2011

Costa Mesa Dog Wash

So this weekend my mom took The Puperie on the road again to a dog wash at the Costa Mesa Bark Park.  You may recall that I am no longer allowed to attend events because I am so cute I keep people from shopping bark so loud that I scare customers off.  This time, I was OK with not going, because it appears I'd have ended up getting a bath, and we all know that's not my favorite way to spend a Saturday!

I seriously think this dude was just happy they apparently were not going to go near his face!

This one was thinking "Hey, look at everybody taking my picture.  I knew I was the cutest dog here!"

This one was surely thinking "Woo hooo, puppers, I got the cheerleaders washing me! "

Mom said this one was giving her mama "the look" the entire time!

Anybody who does not know what soap tastes like has never washed a dog.

~ Franklin P. Jones

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