Thursday, August 15, 2013

I'm baaaaaack!

My parents went on vacation without me, which I thought was terribly rude.
I had to go spend some time  in jail at camp, my favorite place in the universe while they were gone.
When they got back I of course immediately stole mom's phone and started checking out her photos.  I find this to be the best way to figure out what they did while I was locked up.
Check it out --- they went to a place that let dogs hang out on the patio WITHOUT ME.
I can just hear it now ... "Oh, look, they let dogs eat here too.  We should take a picture so our dog will know that there was an opportunity here that we did not allow him to have!"

Next up on the photo album -- a picture of a dog whose parents actually care enough about him to let him come and eat on the patio with them.
Mr. Golden and I could have had a grand old time together while our parents were having lunch IF ONLY I HAD BEEN THERE!!!!
I was wronged, puppers.  I was wronged!!!
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