Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Good Dog Design: Repurposing for dog lovers

Put your paws together for repurposing at it's finest!!!  Look at these puppers we found on etsy.  If you're into vintage and the like, we think you'll love this find as much as we do.

The one on the right is KIKI and check out her feet ... roller skate wheels ... quite a set of legs on that girl :)

Here's some more of her details: 

measures: 12.5" tall, 7" wide and 12" long

Vintage English tins form the body and head
Antique French opera glass parts are the eyes
Signed and dated underneath

EVERY time my mom takes the Puperie on the road to an event the last words she hears my dad saying on the way out are "Don't bring home a dog!!!" Perhaps he'd let her have one of these?????
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  1. Those are fun...wonder if they have any white dogs?!

  2. If they don't have white dogs, they sure should!

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