Monday, August 29, 2011

It's definitely Monday...

Good Morning. Duncan's Mom here.  D wanted me to let you know that he is not going to be able to blog today.  He is on strike.  When I got out of the shower this morning and reached for my towel, it was gone.  D had grabbed it and was lounging comfortably (yes, he really did manage to cover himself up with it like a blankie as shown in the photo) as though a new week had not even started.  Denial at it's finest.  He is thinking if he lounges like it's Sunday and does not write a Monday blog, it will extend the weekend.

But the week HAS started.  And I am not sure how good this one is gonna be, to be honest.  My towel was dognapped.  My dog is on strike.  My picture loaded sideways.  Three "arghhhs" already and it's pretty early in the day.

Here's hoping the morning is only a fluke and not a precursor to the whole week!

Sign me,

Cautious Mama


  1. Oh no!!! You had a rough day huh?! Well it's just about over and tomorrow will be sunny too so why not a "do over". Duncan, you can not steal that towel...go for something good like I do...her clothes that she leaves on the floor. SHe does leave them there for me, doesn't she??

  2. Hey Hoke ... I had to go back to towels 'cuz last week I was mad at her for leaving me and I ate a shoe. A brand new shoe, in fact. So I am laying low for a bit. Happy to report today is much better than yesterday was. Still can't wait until FRIDAY though!!!