Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dogs are Forever

Or at least this one is:
Allow me to introduce Owney, The Postal Dog.  Wonder Dog here is now a forever dog, or at least a forever stamp, anyhow.

According to the USPS website .... "In the 1880s, during the height of the Railway Mail Service, clerks in the Post Office in Albany, New York, took a liking to a terrier mix named Owney. Fond of riding in postal wagons, Owney followed mailbags onto trains and soon became a good-luck charm to Railway Mail Service employees, who made him their unofficial mascot. Working in the Railway Mail Service was highly dangerous: According to the National Postal Museum, more than 80 mail clerks were killed in train wrecks and more than 2,000 were injured between 1890 and 1900. However, it was said that no train ever met with trouble while Owney was aboard."

Ok, sounds like he is worthy of being on a stamp, me thinks.  That's really saying something as we all well know that I hardly think anybody is more worthy than me.  For anythinng.  Ever.

I've also heard they liked the pupper so much they kept him after his demise (uh, huh, really) and you can see him on display at The Smithsonian.

Note to mom:  I don't need to be on display, no matter how much they beg.

Or, you could just buy some stamps, if that would be easier.

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