Friday, August 26, 2011

FRIDAY FINDS: Dog Beds I'd like to try out sometime

Ok, so by now you all know that I sleep, for the most part, in a tub.  Or on a bed purchased at Walmart. 

Not that there is anything wrong with it, but my mom was once an interior designer who in her past life would have FREAKED if the dog bed was primarily composed of old beach towels or was very plan and lacking in color.  I'm just saying  ...

me ... in my Walmart bed

Anywoof, on the off chance that I get to upgrade, I scoped out a few beds I'd like to give a trial run sometime:

1 - Hands down my favorite as far as design goes ... looks like I could really get tucked in with this one.  You can find it at PLAY.

2 - For those of us who like to rise above it all, the Royalty Bamboo Pet Bed found here gives us a little height and a little treat storage.

3 - Perfect for sleepovers, the bunk bed (found here) is for the modernist amongst us.  I call dibs on the top bunk, puppers.

4 - Probably the one I would most likely ever get, knowing my mom's taste and knowing that is what it really all comes down to, this Harry Barker eco-friendly bed can be picked up right here.

And, here is one I would have loved to have gotten my hands on.  We saw it here where people help make projects become a reality.  Unfortunately, it looks like they didn't get the money to make this one happen.  If my Olympic dreams had come true and I had gotten some endorsements out of the deal, I'd have invested in this one for sure.  Seriously.  Who doesn't need a hammock bed.  I get all relaxed just thinkin' about it. 

And with that I think I am off to take a nap puppers!

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