Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wordle: Crafts for Pet Lovers

So mom and I decided to try our hand at crafting again. 

Allow us to introduce you to Wordle ... a website that builds word clouds like the one above.  Our plan was to create a design to use on a new totebag for moi to use when have I sleepover camp.  Mom was in her "Martha" mode, so of course we were aiming for stylish and also personalized so everybody would know it was mine.

Little did we know, you can't just print out a Wordle.  We ended up doing a screen print (shown above) and then putting it into an editing program (Illustrator in our case) to clean up the parts we didn't want.  After a little tweaking, it looked like this:

Next up, print it out on transfer paper.  We ALWAYS use Avery paper, but if you have another you prefer, go for it.  Don't forget to REVERSE your image when you print.

After you get it printed out the way you want it, trim it around the edges as closely as you can. 
And, no, I have  no idea why this picture looks so different than the clearer one above.  Arghhh.

Next up, have your dog do some serious quality control on the tote bag you plan to use.  Leave no corner un-inspected!

Last step, do some ironing. We recommend following the instructions on the package exactly.  Oh, and keep the dog away from the iron. 

Wa-la ... totebag!

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