Monday, August 15, 2011

Fun for a cause

So over the weekend Mom and I decided to do some fun stuff we have heard about and share it with you on the blog this week.

For instance, studies have shown that some of the happiest dog and owner pairs share similar features, personality traits, even body types.

That's why The Pedigree Adoption Drive and NEC developed Doggelgänger; human to canine pairing software, designed to connect homeless dogs to their human doubles.

(Those two blurbs were stolen directly from the website, by the way.)

The way it works is that you upload a picture of a human face and then they run this cool program to find a dog that looks like you ... a dog and their human,  you know.

Imagine my surprise when this is what turned up with Mom's picture:

I guess there must not have been any Westies that needed homes, because otherwise surely Mom would have gotten paired up with a moi dog, yes???

The program operates in New Zealand, but maybe they will come up with something similar here soon. 

Fun, fun, puppers.

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  1. Thats fun! But Im sure the system knows that your mom has already you, so it just showed another match you would like as well. yep, that must be the reason...

  2. How much fun!!! You both look like sweet!!

  3. Well, Mom said if it couldn't be me, at least it was another sweet dog, and a kind of cute one to boot. She promised to NEVER trade me in though, no matter how many NO NO FRIDAYS I've had!