Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hipster Puppies: Hipster Puppy Parade

I think we'd all agree that I am quite a hipster, yes?

Then wouldn't it surprise you to know that I was NOT a part of the very cool Hipster Dog Parade in NYC the other day?  I was shocked, I tell you.  Tail between my legs and everything.  Then I found out it was for a book coming out and that I was not in the book either.  Sigh.

I mean, really, nevermind the whole thousands of miles away don't fit under the seat thing ....


You can go here for more pics and here for the book, which, I have to say, is very cool.  Cooler, yes, if I were in it, but very cool nonetheless.  Oh, and it all started with a blog, by the way.

When, oh, when, am I going to get MY shot at fame, puppers????

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    All the best, Katie from

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