Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Be Funky: Dog Photography Fun

Oh, my.  Mom is playing with her photos again!!!

You know by now that we are big fans of Picnik, but a pupper friend of mine who also is a blogger recommended a new one to us.  BE FUNKY.  I mean, really, with a name like that, we had to try it, right???

First we tried creating a painting from a photo.  We used a photo from last week so you could see the difference.

Next up, we played around with some of their frames.  They have lots to choose from.  We like this one ... only bad on us for not centering the picture in it before saving it.  Live and learn, puppers, live and learn.

And,  just because we could, we played around with the ""patriotic" effects.  We think
this one is pretty fun!!!

I look good in stars, yes???

Be Funky may be our "go to" for playing around with our photos now.  It's free unless you want to upgrade for premium effects like the one above.

Fun, fun puppers!

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  1. Well, We need to check out Picnik! You do great Befunky pictures! Pikipimp is fun, too. (Downunder Daisy told Us about that one.)

    It's fun to be creative! I think your peep is more creative than my peep.

    Arroooooo! Stuart

  2. Sorry it took me a minute to reply ... I was trying to convince mom to loan me the laptop so I could go check out pikipimp. She says with a name like that it's gotta be fun!

    Woof, puppers!

  3. We really love all the creative stuff you post on your blog. Never seen such a crafty photogenic boy before. Go, Duncan, go!

  4. Aren't they fun!!? YOu should do the funky pictures and send it over to the Scottie Chronicles for Friday Fun!!!!

  5. Friday Fun here we come!!

  6. Our mama loves Picnik too!!! Now we are going to have to check out this new thing you told us about! Thanks so much for sharing!! This is going to be fun!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  7. Hey Chloe and Lady Bug ... let me know what you think of befunky. I found it much easier to deal with given the paws on the keyboard thing ... let me know if you find it easier to work with as well!!!


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