Monday, October 31, 2011

Well we all knew THIS was coming

If the shoe fits .....

You saw it coming, didn't you.  When the three of us here were picking what I would be dressed up as, you knew already I wasn't gonna make it as an angel and dad was not going to get to dress me up in my Aloha shirt, right? 

By now we are all well aware that in matters of clothing MOM WINS.


She said the devil made her do it.

She thinks she is so funny.  Embarassing sometimes.

Whose fangs are scarier????

Where my dad ALWAYS WINS is with the decorations.  We go all out at our house.  We live at the end of the block so our house kind of screams WE"VE GOT THE GOOD CANDY DOWN HERE, KIDS.  Skeletons, spiders, lights, oh my!

And, of course, Mom MUST find a seasonal app to use as well.  She found this frame on picnik.  If you have not checked them out, you should.  The holidays are coming and all and you might be able to make your holiday card right there without too much fuss.  There is already enough fuss in the season, but I digress ....

Be safe out there puppers ... stick with your people and don't eat any chocolate!!!!

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  1. Oh yah, Moms ALWAYS win!!! Someday I would just like to win huh?? You do look cute though!!


  2. Yup...mama always wins! You are very cute in your outfit though!!
    xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  3. I am pleased to report that it was not ALL bad ... I got to sit in my dad's lap all night waiting for trick or treaters. I was on GOOD BEHAVIOR under penalty of having to go back inside and I will have you know that I did not bark like a crazy dog even one single time. I was good and did not scare any little kids away!!! Got lots of treats for that too!!!