Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dogs and Halloween: Subtle Collars

Well, as expected, yesterday's post ignited a wee bit of debate around here. We had a little "chat" about dressing up and how much was too much and yada yada yada we do this every year.

So, might we suggest some subtler, more friendly to the dog who does not want to dress up and the mama who doesn't want him too options:

All of these, and many more great seasonal options for the dog who prefers understated elegance, can be found right here, in the Big Paw Collars etsy shop. 

Go forth in subtlety, puppers!

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  1. Greetings White Dog Blog & followers ~ this is Kathy from Bigpaw Collars checking in!
    Thank you so much for sharing some of my Autumn bow tie designs ~ we are having fun filling orders imagining how adorable everyone will be strutting their new gear on Halloween :)

    As Halloween approaches and we find ourselves with an abundance of candy treats in our homes....don't forget to keep it out of reach of our four legged family members....they tend to be drawn to these goodies and we all now the dangers of candy (esp. chocolate) to our pups!!

    Happy Fall and safe trick or treating to all!!!

  2. These are great - wish they came in a martingale type collar though....

    Roodles, Stuart

  3. Stuart ... maybe you could get in touch with Kathy and see what she can come up with for you, you stylish devil you!!!

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