Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Carrying on in the OMG tradition of the week ...


I am unable to review this one as I am NEVER EVER unless Aunty Karen is in town allowed at the dinner table.  Not even underneath it when food is being served.

This would be because my parents never actually eat at the table, so why would I ever have occasion to be there.  It's easier to cast my adorable eyes their way at the table in front of the sofa anyhow so I am good with it. I have such good manners and all.

But, should you be allowed at the table, this "OMG what do YOU think about it?"  product can be found here

Once again, we are left wondering .....

What say you puppers???

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  1. No, Im not allowed at the table, underneath yes, maybe you can get one to test it, you know just for the blog ;-)

  2. Well, I'm not allowed at the table either but this is because they never eat at the table (nothing wrong with the table, I might add, they just can't be bothered). I'm not allowed underneath it either but that doesn't stop me trying - never let it be said that I don't try to push the boundaries all the time!! But if I was, well, this looks quite cool.

  3. Oh, Monaco, you are so smart. It is amazing what my mom will let me try for the sake of writing a blog post ... I am gonna try that approach and see if I can get to the table!!!

  4. Julep and Derby just hang out under the table and gently remind us with their paws that they are still there ... waiting!

    To answer your comment on my blog at WESTIE RESCUE ORANGE COUNTY & BEYOND - yes - it is the one in California. The bow-ties you saw were sent out to Karen early this week - I'm not sure what the scheduled date is of their event or location - but you could probably find out on facebook.

    Also - did you know about the fb group page called - WESTIES HEALTH -- from ears to tail?

    Happy Halloween,
    Katie from

  5. Thanks Katie ... we just asked to joni the Westie's Health from ears to tail group. And now we are off to the Westie Rescue site to find out when we can get one of your bow-ties!

  6. Hey Duncan
    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting!! I would LOVE this chair but my family would say NO WAY!! I am not allowed at the table unless mu Uncle Ed lets me sit in his lap when he visits, then rules are out the window!! I do tend to lurk under it cuz I live with 2 munchlins, a 4yr old and a 6 yr old and believe me, they get droppy every once in a while and of course, like a good scottie, I am right there waiting.BOL

    My mom LOVES the shoe bed and all I have to say is: SERIOUSLY??? I sure hope my shoe bed shows up at my house someday!!


  7. This is a product we definitely have to have mama look in to!!! Thank you so much for sharing! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

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