Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dogs and Halloween -- Costumes

For us, Halloween ALWAYS brings up the "do we dress the dog or don't we??" debate.  This is one time they both seem to agree that I can get all duded up, but boy do the three personalities in our house come out strong when it comes time to pick a costume. 

I, for instance, tend to think of myself this way:

My mama, without out a doubt,  views me this way nine days out of ten.
I'm good with it ... pretty sure my sassiness is what keeps her going!


My dad, Mr. "Tommy Bahama yes let's dress him up and call attention to him" is a rather laid back type and he tends to see both he and I this way:

What are your thoughts on dressing up for Halloween?

And, don't you think we should initiate some sort of trick or treating for puppers???   I mean, after all, we INVENTED doing trick for treats!

And with that, I am off to find a plastic pumpkin with a short enough handle that I can tote it around in my mouth without it dragging on the ground .....


  1. Definitely...we are all over the idea of trick or treating!! Mama always dresses us up...one year we were ladybugs, one year we were bumblebees...and this year it is a surprise!!! We usually go to PetCo's costume contest.
    xoxo Chloe and LadyBug
    PS....we think you look great in all 3 costumes!

  2. Although you may be attending a Halloween party, your entire attention would be on your doggy left all alone at home. You will be missing your poochie during the party instead of enjoying the gathering. best dog costumes