Monday, October 24, 2011

OMG -- now we've seen it all


You know, we try real hard to come up with new stuff for you puppers on this blog. Every now and again, when we put our paws on the keyboard and google it, we come up with some stuff we just can't believe ... stuff that really makes us twitch our ears and all.

Such is the case with the Dog-O-Mat we found via  You lucky Brits are going to get it first apparently.

Fine with me on this one.  Does that dog look happy to you??? 

According to the website, you pick your cycle based on dog size, and it costs the equivalent of £13 to wash a small dog, £22 for medium size, and £31 for the largest customers.  I am not sure about foreign currency calculations myself, but something tells me it would be alot less expensive to just take me out back and hose me down.

What say you on this one, puppers???  Relaxing day at the spa or head for the hills when they start putting the coins in??

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  1. YOU KIDDIN' US??? No way. That dog is NOT happy. NO, bad dog mom.

    ARooodles, Stuart

  2. Yep Stuart ... I am thinking we might have to JUST SAY NO to this one. Just doesn't seem right, does it.