Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dogs and Halloween: Treats

You know, once we mentioned trick or treating for dogs, it dawned on us that before we opened up that bag of kibble, we should make sure there were treat options out there suitable for the occasion.

As usual, we did what any good researcher would do ... we put our paws on the keyboard and googled it.

Here are a few seasonal treats we found we think might be worth trying. 

I actually can't endorse any of these personally because MY MOM HAS NOT BOUGHT THEM FOR ME YET, HINT HINT MOM.

We'll link you to them and you can check them out for yourselves if you'd like.

get them here
I'm thinking if someone named Grandma Lucy makes them, they are bound to be good.

get them here

 With packaging this good, these treats are bound to be tasty.

find them here

The multi-tasker in me is all about getting my fruit AND veggie serving all in one treat!

Let us know if you try any of these out ... if you stop by with your pumpkin on Halloween, my guess is I'll be handing out Grandma Lucy treats!

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  1. Love all these healthy treat options and the packaging on Wet Noses is so cute!