Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Good Dog Design: Water Resistant Collar


You may recall that at one point in my early years, I aspired to be an Olympic Diver.  I have since moved on to other aspirations as yet to be determined but had I stuck it out with the whole water sports theme, this is the collar I would have needed.  This one is for you, Surf Dogs!

The Teafco Fydo is water resistant, comes with a smooth double locking system so there are not uncomfortable buckles, and has a low profile spot to have your people write your name and number on.  If you go here to check it out, you can see all the other great colors it comes in.  I am picking the orange one as I, as you may have noticed, like to stand out a bit.

Oh, and since it's plastic, it's not gonna stink if it gets wet and it will rinse right off in case of muddy encounters at the dog park.  Who moi????