Thursday, September 15, 2011

Soda Crate Dog Beds

Well, by now I think it's pretty clear to everybody that I SLEEP IN A PLASTIC TUB.

Have I worked that "woe is me" angle enough lately????

Anywoof, while Mom was gone the other day I started pondering the whole tub thing and, you know, I did what any dog blgger worth his weight in kibble would do .... put my paws on the keyboard and googled it.

We really saw them first here.

Look what I found .... a different definition of "tub" that I think my mom might actually go for in our house:

Check it out .... a dog bed made from an old soda crate.

Head thunk with paw ... why didn't WE think of that????????

It comes in Pepsi too, but does anybody besides me think we ought to keep mom decaffeinated???

Check them out here.

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  1. That bed looks really cool! Hope it is comfortable as well!

  2. Looks comfy to me - I bet my dogs would sleep on it!!

  3. Having trouble with comments today. Hope this doesn't show up twice or three times! We HATE it and often have those "why didn't We think of that?" head thumps, too. Would'a, should'a, could'a.

    Hey, We're waiting to get your Foto Fun!

    Arooo! Stuart

  4. I also use that kind of bed for my dogs. It is very easy to do and my dog seems to like sleeping on it.

  5. These are just adorable!! All little doggies should be so lucky!!!

  6. Every dog loves the feeling of leather. They love the smell of it too, however it can be very costly even when it is small like a wicker dog beds for large dogs. Luckily for any dog owner there are faux leather dog beds that are available. This is more appropriately known as microfiber.