Thursday, September 8, 2011

DOG HOROSCOPES: Get yours here!

Me and my brothers .. We are January boys

WOWZA!  We never knew there were such things as DOG HORORSCOPES!!! We found them here in case you'd like to check yours out.  Mine, I have to say, fit me like a worn in dog bed.

And we quote ...


"Easy to discipline, patient and cautious

on the naughty side....

Can be sulky, standoffish and fussy

keeping busy
obedience training
being in familiar surroundings

being around too many strange people
change in daily routines
other dogs that annoy them

Capricorn dogs tend to come across possessing quite serious characteristic traits, however they do have quite sterling qualities such as a cautious, strong willed attitude and there is a calmness about them which just draws you to them. They can be stubborn when it suits them, but their owners are their world and they make it their mission to be underfoot as much as possible. Their owners can often be bewildered by their erratic behavior as they can be surprisingly active and demanding one minute and then suddenly become withdrawn and reserved the next. They have good memories and are great candidates for regular obedience training as they have an insatiable appetite for learning new things and don’t mind showing off what they have mastered. They are very cautious and wary of people they do not know very well, preferring not to meddle with them which in turn doesn’t allow interference with themselves. They make great lifetime mates with other dogs in the household and are intensely loyal and dedicated to them. Capricorn dogs tend to suffer from skin ailments and digestive upsets caused by their cautious nature and tendency to worry about nothing in particular."

WOW,  they really pegged me,  puppers.  They really pegged me!!!!

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