Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Gifts for Pet Lovers: Pottery Barn Dog Banks

Well, I know if I was in one of my really spunky moods, I would be able to come up with the ideal comment about how piggy banks have gone to the dogs.

But we're just gonna have to skip that for this round ...

Anywoof, look what we found when we were looking for a new dog bed bed cover on the Pottery Barn website. 

We think these would make great gifts for your pet loving friends and family.  (Unless you want to get them something from The Puperie, which we, of course, think would be an even better idea!)  And, leave it to PB to add those special touches ... you can monogram the dog tag if you'd like!

Better check them out straightaway (big word alert!) because they are on sale and sure to go fast.

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