Wednesday, March 16, 2011


And here I was getting uber-excited thinking SPRING BREAK was all fun.
Turns out, there is this nasty thing called Spring Cleaning as well.
And mom decided (probably on that long drive home from the restaurant) that my toy box needed some cleaning out. I have no idea why she thought that:

Seriously, if one is good, three dozen is better, right??

Fortunately, I inherited a few toys from the Westie who came before me here, my brother Max. Even Martha Stewart a/k/a mom when she get's into clean up mode would not touch these:

Hey, a pup scout is always prepared ...

Now here is one Mom and I had quite the discussion about ... the RANDOM category. I say, if dad isn't missing it, there is no sense returning it. Of course, Miss Manners says that I should not have taken them in the first place therefore I must return these things.

What say YOU, puppers?????

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