Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Allow me to introduce ...

The PUPPY that those feet from yesterday belong too.

Yessiree, puppers, those big shoes to fill are PUPPY shoes.

Three month old PUPPY shoes.


I thought I had a prodigious posterier, but this pup puts all that into perspective, doesn't it???

Feet the size of my bum, indeed.

And can you imagine having that much hair to deal with??? We have already covered my disinterest in grooming ... that coat would certainly send me over the edge.

Mom said there were lots of them at the show and that this little pupper will get to be somewhere around 130 to 150 pounds.

I am sure she was NOT trying to hurt MY feelings when she went on and on about how sweet they are and what big loves they are. If I hear the words "gentle giant" anymore I might have to go chew on a shoe or something.

It appears that the only thing saving me from getting a "gentle giant" of a brother is that they are apparently slobbery little buggers.

Saved by the slobber pups.

Saved by the slobber!

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