Thursday, June 24, 2010

This baby ain't got nothing on THE SHARK

Allow me to introduce THE SHOP VAC:

This machine makes THE SHARK look like a goldfish swimming in the Pacific.

Mom realized there was a problem when she came downstairs and found me trying to scratch my way into a kitchen cabinet. All she had heard from upstairs was the banging of cabinet door against wood frame. Beast vs. cabinet, if you will.

After seeing me in such angst, she dared to leave me.


Presumably to get shoes so she could take me for a walk while Dad finished up on the patio.

I didn't care.

In a move worthy of a professional stunt man, I LEAPT over the FOUR FOOT HIGH BARRIER that is in place to keep me from heading upstairs.


I found my mom and stuck myself to her like a cheap suit on a hot Texas day.

We were stuck together like velcro, I tell you; like VELCRO.

Another "Diary Of A Wimpy Dog" day folks.

Sign me,

Little D, running scared and not too proud to admit it!

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