Thursday, June 17, 2010

Meet my Mom

I love my mom. I really do. Especially this week because she is the only one here to take care of me. But, you know, sometimes she surprises me with her, shall we say, lack of common sense.


Take this picture for instance. She got this very cool, dog supportive T-shirt at that shelter event we went to the other day. She really, REALLY wanted me to post a picture of the shirt. She took LOTS AND LOTS of pictures of it.

She didn't understand my hesitancy.

Helloooooo, IT'S BACKWARDS Mom. That is why they call it a MIRROR.



Anyhoo, the shirt says "DOGS ARE THE NEW KIDS." It's designed by one of my favorite peeps, Mary Evans. Let me know if you want one .... I'm pretty well connected and I am sure I could run off with one for you.

Sign me,

Little D, loving my mama!

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