Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Our secret is out ....

Well, if you subscribe to the Doggy Daily, then you know that our secret is out.

Mom is heading to Texas and I am going to be flying solo here in the blogosphere for a while.

Not to worry folks, I have been trained and I have gotten my own equipment, as evidenced above.


That mom of mine always thinks things through ... my new camera is slobber proof and it has a hard case on it in case I get distracted and start chewing on it. I know, I know. But you know how some girls (mostly blondes) flip their hair over and over and don't even notice they are doing it? That is kind of what chewing is like for moi ... I don't realize what I am doing and suddenly there is a camera in my mouth.

Anywoof, there might be a slight change in photo quality, but I've got it covered, people.

I've got it covered.

Sign me,

Little D, about to start winging it

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