Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dad's Birthday: the at home part

Well Glory Alleluia it was my dad's birthday this weekend. And, IT WAS GREAT.
My favorite part was his present from my mom. IT CAME IN A GIFT BAG and there is nothing this pup loves more than doing a little destructo on a gift bag. EXCEPT, as it turns out, CHICKEN!
As you can see, my mom got dad a ginormous chocolate cake. (Why a chocolate cake when that stuff is so bad for pups, I'll never know.) The only saving grace for moi was that we BBQ'd on the patio (as you can see, I did most of the work) and I got to eat CHICKEN for the first time. Oh. My. Gosh. Good.
And then we all collapsed.
The end.
Sign me,
Little Birthday Loving D

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