Monday, February 20, 2012

Well, we all knew it wouldn't last ...

Well, I know you're not surprised.

If you've been reading for a whle, you know that I just don't have it in me to be an A student for long.

Whether it is me personally, or the fact that I hail from a long line of Westies remains to be seen.

I like to think that it's my outgoing personality.

Can I really be blamed if they don't get me?

They're just not that into me??

I mean, I nip the ones I love. 

I don't break skin or anything ... just snap a bit when I want you to play with me.

If you know me, you get me.

Sorry Jason, I didn't mean anything by it.

Just wanted to play.


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  1. Just tell them that it is a LOVE nip, just like a love pat!! Thats the way we roll!!


  2. Oopsie... well, we is terriers, after all!

  3. Tell Jason you were just trying to get his attention...they just said on the dog show that "westies will not be ignored". He knows you just wanted to play.