Tuesday, February 28, 2012

For those of us with wiggle-butt


Now that I am growing up a bit, I am willing to acknowledge a few things about myself.

I am confident enough now to go ahead and share with you all this fact: I am easily excitable.

But you already knew that, didn't you??

I tend to get a case of the wiggly butts from time to time.

And occasionally I jump up and down a whole lot just a few times in a row.

For instance, sometimes when I know I am getting ready to go out for a walk, I start racing around the house and no matter how many times my mom reminds me that I am not going anywhere until I am all leashed up, I just can't stay still. 

Just can't help myself I tell you!

So, mom and I were wondering if any of you have tried this product?  It is called a Leash Locket, and what you do is hook the leash to your collar like a locket on one of your mom's necklaces.  That way, the leash is always there and you don't have to slow down to get one put on before you head out for you walk.

We're thinking it might be worth trying.  Your thoughts???

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