Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Another "Why Not Moi?" Moment

from people.com

I know what you're thinking.

"That Duncan is so much cuter ...."

I hear you.

But, I don't do planes, so I'da never been across the pond in the first place.

Plus, even though I turned TWO last week and fancy myself pretty grown up and all, I do still suffer with an excitement pee from time to time.

My mom would KILL ME if I pee'd on The Princess.

And can't you just see if happening?????

She is so beautiful and so obviously a Westie lover that I just know the excitement would have gotten to me.

Things happen for a reason, puppers.

Better that dude than me this time!

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  1. Hey, Kate would have put you in her bag and taken you home!

    Aroo, Stuart
    PeeS Happy Birthday!

  2. Hey Stuart ... you are right. She mighta wanted to KEEP me :)

  3. I agree with Stuart...good thing you didn't go...what would your peeps do without you. Kate can get her own Westie! HA!!

  4. Duncan, wise choice, my friend!! I should get doggy sky miles from all my trips back and forth from Germany and Kuwait!! :) Let me tell you though...you aren't missing anything!! Whew! ~ my mom gets a bit anxious when flying with me...woman will not board the plane until someone has physically walked down to make sure they saw that I was on the plane. Haven't had to do this in a long time, thank goodness, and I sure don't miss it. Nowadays, my momma would sneak me in her purse....I am sure of it!! And, yes, the Princess may have wanted you to stay with her...and, that just can't happen!! Hugs, Your Pal Tucker

  5. Yo, Tucker ... you flew in the bottom of the plane once???? Yowza. You are VERY brave!!!! My mom keeps talking about sneaking me in her purse too. She is a little afraid that I could not keep quiet though, so we have never tried it!!