Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Oh, what a week!

Whoa, puppers.  We've been having quite a week around here.  You now, lots of coming and going. 

For me, all this hither and yon means going from front door to back door trying to figure out who is moving in and out and how this is going to impact MY day.  Wears the paws out, you know?  Keeps the claws clipped.

Of course, if I feel like I am going to be UNFAIRLY left behind, I have to try real hard to squeeze between my mom's feet when she is heading out.  A tricky maneuver, if I do say so myself as a couple of times I have been darn near strangled trying to execute this manuever.  It is a VERY risky operation that has NEVER resulted in Mom not leaving, but every once in a while I make a quick dive under the car and refuse to come out, which results in a cheese trail being created from car to kitchen.  Smart move, yes??

It's exhausting to keep ahead of it all, puppers,  downright exhausting!

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  1. wow that sounds exahusting! But I love your thinking to get a treat or even your mom to stay (a little longer)

  2. It's only Tuesday Duncan. Oh dear.

    Aroo, Stuart

  3. Yes, smart move to get the cheese. I know that leaving trick oh so well here too!!