Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Shopping Day!

So mom comes running down the stairs this morning in a total frenzy. Robe was flying by quickly, slippers were slipping as she rounded the corner by my bed ... a veritable freanzy, if you will.

I lifted my head from my comfy bed with one eye open and saw dad sitting stunned on the sofa.

Mom is NEVER up this early, you see.

And, if she is, she is CERTAINLY never FULL OF ENERGY at this hour.

In between drinking the OJ straight from the carton and forgetting to feed me, she kept chattering on about BLACK FRIDAY.  Shopping THIS and Shopping THAT and don your holiday sweaters people it is time to ROLL!!!!

With that, I did what any good, all american, hoping to be called NICE, pupper would do this time of year:  I donned my holiday attire and hopped into my wheels.
LET'S HIT IT I barked way too loudly for the hour.

Hope your Black Friday is bountiful,  puppers!

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