Monday, November 28, 2011

Holiday Guide: Get yourselves ready, Puppers

Well, alrighty then, moving on from being thankful to being prepared.  Here comes Christmas, puppers.  You gotta get yourself ready and we're here to help.  Today we will be featuring a few things to get your very self properly outfitted.  Once we have that under out belt, we'll help you get a few supplies stocked up and then we will move on to our Holiday Guides.  You are not going to believe all the goodies we have found for you to pick from for your dog buddies and their keepers!

Source, buy it here

This piecs is  from a company we found called Alqo Wasi.  Their sweaters are made from Alpaca and the company was started because they have Westies.  Ok, well, kind of.  The woman who started the company had to come up with a college thesis.  While traveling in the Andes she came up with the idea of dog clothes woven regionally made of the local Alpaca. 

Yep, this one does indeed LIGHT UP.  Nope, that is not moi in that photo, but I'll bet my dad will get me this outfit for the holidays.  We love stuff that blinks around here.  Gonna be the life of the party with this one, puppers.  And you know how I like to be the life of the party!!!

Yep, you're right indeed.  My mom prefers me in more subtle holiday attire such as this bow tie.  And, even if I was a girly girl dog, she still probably wouldn't dress me up all that much, so we found an option for the girls on this one too:

And, of course, if you are dressing up as the Santa Paws in your house this year, you're gonna need this one:

More power to you, Santa Paws.

And may we all be perfectly well dressed this season!

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